Montessori Ikea products in 2021

Montessori favourites at IKEA 2021

Ikea is well-known for being a favourite shop to source Montessori friendly furniture and products. 

They update their catalogue at least once a year. 

Here are my 21 picks for a Montessori home:

Montessori Ikea furniture

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  1.  Bergig: how verstatile is this book display with storage? One front facing book display shelf, one regular shelf and one big drawer. 
  2.  Baggebo 3 tiers shelving unit: this is a metal shelving unit so very easy to assemble and cheap as only £15.
  3.  Chair
  4.  Baggebo small shelf: it's a small unit, only 50x30x80 cm so it would be perfect for a toddler shelf or a small space. In the same collection, the tv bench could be used as a cheap shelving unit.
  5.  Baggebo blue shelf: only 2 shelves but look at that turquoise colour!
  6.  Perjohan bench: I love multi-use furniture. This one is a bench with storage. It could be perfect for the hallway with shoes and accessories stored underneath the bench. In the same collection, they have a stool with storage. 
  7.  Poang chair: they have new covers for this chair. A cat one, a dinosaur one, and a neutral beige one. I've been waiting to replace our cover for a while so this is perfect!

Montessori products from Ikea

Storage and toys

8. Mala art storage

9. Mala roll holder

10. Mala cardboard houses

11. Ovning Desk organiser

12. Bucket: although, it's not specifically child's size, the lid is a clever addition and could be a useful way to prepare a washing up activity. 

13. Rosenhatta Tray: it's a square one, 33x33cm.

14. Pjatteryd Ocean pictures:

15. Child's apron: with more sustainable material and cheap!

Montessori products at Ikea

16. Hovlig tent: a play tent for a cosy corner. 

17. Hostkvall tray: a new rectangular small tray. They have a new pattern every year. Not sure I like this autumnal pattern. 

18. Folding tray: I've seen this tray being used as a small work table by @montessori_boo on Instagram. I thought it was good idea when you are short on space.

19. Duktig tea set: a classic with new colours. They also have the cups and saucers and the bowls and plates.

20. Upplivad wooden spoon: cute design that may encourage children to help in the kitchen. 

21. Lego storage system: I may buy these new storage boxes and see if that helps my Lego fan to keep them tidy. I think coupled with a bag that transforms into a mat, we might be on a winning combination. 

Bonus item!

I forgot to add this one on my pictures!

Hangig label holders with pictures: The labels can be hang on a drawer of maximum 16mm tickness. You can insert any picture in the holder or use the ones provided. 

I have two other blog posts about Montessori items from Ikea, a Ikea video tour here and my favourite items in 2020.

Do you like to go to Ikea? What are your favourite items for a Montessori home?

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