Ultimate Ikea shopping list for your Montessori needs

What to buy that is Montessori Friendly at Ikea?

In my Facebook group, not a week goes by without a post about Montessori-friendly items at Ikea.

Ikea is sure family-friendly. It is also budget-friendly and most of the furniture is made of natural material and often untreated wood.

Their design is very child friendly and I suspect that they must have a Montessori teacher in their design team!

It would definitely be my dream job if I was not a Montessori teacher.

From the children’s furniture to the baskets and trays and all the child-sized tools for practical life, Ikea is one of the best places to shop for your Montessori home.

So follow me in Ikea and watch what I have picked out for you.

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Child-sized tables 0:25

Shelves 1:03

Flexible storage units 2:15

Highchairs 3:55

Clothes storage units 5:47

Floor bed 4:36

Kitchen accessories 6:26

Trays and Baskets 7:58

Mirrors 8:38

Reading corner 9:18

Art area 10:11

Toys 14:00

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My favourites:

Shelving units:


You will need a child’s table for snack time, to use it as a weaning table or for crafts.

  • The last set is cheap and therefore, you will not feel guilty to trim it to size and to buy it again a year later – https://bit.ly/2J1QMy5
  • For a better quality table, choose this one – https://bit.ly/2JJlQ7h
  • And the assorted chairs – https://bit.ly/2Mcckx9
  • We like the Flisat table with two Trofast trays to store Legos and play dough accessories. Many families have hacked this table into a light table. I don’t use the assorted stool as I prefer my children to have a chair with a backrest – https://bit.ly/2qymbkt

Other great furniture:

  • Child’s armchair. A small warning: it doesn’t wash that well! – https://bit.ly/2PREqzX
  • A rocking chair for children – https://bit.ly/2Phgnuo
  • A very luxurious armchair for children – https://bit.ly/2PemjVl
  • A practical footstool. We use it to store my daughter’s knitting projects and our remote controls. It is useful as an extra seat and a footstool but also the perfect storage space for dressing up accessories, soft toys, balls or building sets – https://bit.ly/2F7KgZv
  • This rattan pouffe has been featured in many Montessori houses as the perfect support for babies who want to push themselves up – https://bit.ly/2qxMyqN

Toys storage:

You may want to use a proper toy storage.

  • I love this Trofast storage combination, especially with the shelves instead of the drawers – https://bit.ly/2zAfcMb
  • If like me, your children have a lot of soft toys, this hanging storage unit is ideal. We have hung ours over-the-wardrobe door with an over-the-door hook.
    Hanging storage: https://bit.ly/2zyQsnt
  • Very practical plastic storage box
    https://bit.ly/2DoSJWR and a bigger one https://bit.ly/2Qs9cfM

In the kitchen


  • I like their cotton placemat in a light colour. You can draw with a sharpie the shape of the plates, glass and cutlery to help your child to set up the table.
  • These snap glasses are the perfect size for a weaning glass, only 5cl!
  • These glasses are only 17cl, and 9cm height so perfect for young children
  • Stainless steel child’s size cutlery
  • Plastic bib apron, perfect for baby-led weaning
  • The children tea set can be used for real food!
  • Small wooden bowls for real food but also for transferring and pouring activities.
  • A stainless-steel cheaper version
  • A glass version here https://bit.ly/2zyTV5n
  • Junior chair with steps for the feet – https://bit.ly/2ARRcG5

Preparing food

  • Baking set
  • Egg slicer
  • Apple slicer
  • Citrus juicer
  • My children have been able to use this grater since they were a toddler
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Another one here https://bit.ly/2qAumN7
  • A hand whisk, it’s great fun for a child to use this one and requires some effort. So it will be perfect for the maximum effort period!
  • The colander in this toy’s set is the perfect size for little hands. And of course, it can be used to wash real fruits and vegetables!
  • Child’s size knife and peeler. Be aware that the knife is very sharp and that the recommended age is 8+
  • They have 4 different types of children’s aprons:
  • Jug. This one is in fact a vase but it’s the perfect size for pouring activities.
  • Water dispenser with tap – https://bit.ly/2PJNiqX
  • Milk jug, small enough for your child to pour his own drink or to pour between two jugs – https://bit.ly/2yXbQmV

Trays, baskets and mats

  • Their smaller tray is 28x20cm
  • So many choices in term of baskets!
  • Mats to display the Montessori activities

Stools to promote independence

  • We have this one – https://bit.ly/2JBYQWK
  • And we have this one in the bathroom – https://bit.ly/2qxohkF
  • Another alternative – https://bit.ly/2zBy510
  • And another one – https://bit.ly/2OuFuVC

Care of the environment

  • Small vase for a flower arranging activity
  • Small watering can
  • Small laundry basket

In the bathroom

  • Mirror with a suction hook – https://bit.ly/2RF8JH1
  • We have this Ikea storage board set on the side of our shower
  • This mirror with hook would be great if you have the wall space
  • A self-adhesive plastic resistant mirror that is safe for children
  • We also have these ones in our hallway

Dressing up skills

  • The Stuva storage system is fun and very child-friendly
  • Children clothes stand

Book display

  • We have the pictures ledges in our house
  • We also have the spice racks – https://bit.ly/2zGcWq3
  • And now they offer this https://bit.ly/2qFNhqd
  • And this – https://bit.ly/2SSYkcs

Art area

  • An Easel – https://bit.ly/2OrKVoc
  • Paper roll holder for the table – https://bit.ly/2F9iw73
  • We have the Flisat children’s desk that is going to grow with my child – https://bit.ly/2RILVX9
  • Black board stickers – https://bit.ly/2OvwgbI
  • Magnetic whiteboard – https://bit.ly/2OvN8Pr
  • And we have this magnetic pen holder – https://bit.ly/2F9WVLy
  • I’m absolutely in love with this wall’s organiser. I’m just not quite sure where and how to use it – https://bit.ly/2JM7p2v
  • Here is an art storage basket – https://bit.ly/2QqgkZY
  • And another basket that can be used for art supplies – https://bit.ly/2qyJISl
  • I have a similar cutlery tray that I use to store art supplies https://bit.ly/2RFv7jD
  • I also display some art supplies using the Sunnersta containers, hooks and rails – https://bit.ly/2JMoWYv
  • When your children are more independent and able to handle more art and craft supplies, you can use this trolley – https://bit.ly/2RED8VQ
  • To store the papers, use a letter rack – https://bit.ly/2PGt81j
  • This napkin holder is the perfect size for the inset paper – https://bit.ly/2Du1jDq
  • I also use a similar napkin holder to hold the papers in my playgroup https://bit.ly/2RHFfbQ
  • To do a colour mixing experiment, use the tubes glasses and holder https://bit.ly/2Qq2qqH
  • Set of paints that come with a colour chart – https://bit.ly/2PESg8H
  • The stamp pens are a firm favourite here – https://bit.ly/2QvrOvq
  • Roll of paper – https://bit.ly/2yYuCdu


  • Choose a cotbed that you can open to one side
  • Foam mattress for cot. We have also used a cot mattress for the movement area when our children were babies
  • The Kura bed can be used for a floor bed too https://bit.ly/2zYojb2. Leave the mattress within the frame on the floor to have an protection on all sides.
    This toddler bed is perfect for when your child is more independent. If you don’t add the legs, you can also use it as a floor bed https://bit.ly/2DugVa0
  • LED night light – safe as you don’t need a plug and your child can turn it on and off himself

Specifically for babies

  • If you are not against it, a real sheepskin
  • And a fake sheepskin – https://bit.ly/2yX3605
  • A baby gym. You can remove the toys, have only one at a time or replace with a more Montessori friendly toy. It is also sturdy enough for when your baby wants to stand up and hold onto something – https://bit.ly/2qzSHTy
  • A stacking toys. It is supposed to represent a lighthouse but to make it more logical for a baby, I remove the two top pieces. https://bit.ly/2PeFG0v

Learning materials and toys

  • An amazing map board
  • Black board map stickers – How amazing!
  • World map poster
  • Simple clock https://bit.ly/2Dsgtcy
    And check that hack with free printable to make it even more Montessori https://bit.ly/2AQT6qq
  • Solar energy torch handle https://bit.ly/2AR1HJI
  • Ikea play kitchen. Make it into a real useable kitchen area for your child.
  • Big chunky lacing bead
  • Basic train set
  • For the child who really likes to throw, provide them with a big soft ball
  • Realistic doll bed
  • Breakable tea set
  • Memory game – the drawings are realistic
  • Wooden number
  • Weaving loom set
  • Playmat
  • A swing in your house!


Realistic prints:

  • I love these ones: the Earth, Birds and butterflies
  • the moon: https://bit.ly/2Pi8gxI
  • these animals silhouettes would be great in a child’s bedroom
  • Picture frame on stand https://bit.ly/2QoXdiN
  • Safe picture frame https://bit.ly/2JPBkqE

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