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Montessori Parenting Course

A course to introduce parents to the Montessori philosophy, and how to use it at home to raise happy, self motivated children.

As a new parent, with no background in Montessori, how do you start? What do you need? How to make your house more Montessori?

I have designed my Montessori Parenting Course to simplify your life and to give you what you need to bring Montessori into your family life.

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Montessori Gentle Discipline Course
Gentle Discipline Course

E-course with support. Enroll in a 5-week, Gentle discipline course online course.

This course is based on the Montessori principles and other techniques I have learned from various gentle-parenting trainings I took, and from my own experience as a psychologist and a mum.

Your journey to become a peaceful parent starts here! Rediscover the joy of parenting.

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