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Check also our popular Montessori subscription box that we launched in October 2018, 5 years ago! For worldwide subscription, check here. For our past boxes that you can buy as a one-off, check here.

Montessori subscription box

Are you looking for Montessori activities for your child, but you don't have time to make three part cards and search for printables? Are you unsure what activities are appropriate? How best to present them to your child? Discover the Original Montessori Subscription Box. 

Each month, you will receive a box full of activities and materials around one of our 24 popular topics such as: farm, butterflies, emotions, anatomy, trees, ocean, space, dinosaurs, ....

Made in the UK.

Toddler activity cards

Toddlers are amazing!

They’re always on the go, ready to explore and investigate.

Toddlerhood is a great learning opportunity for children to develop their independence and

learn more about their immediate surroundings.

Our set of 50 cards will help you to set up more than 100 activities based on the Montessori method.

From gross motor skills to process art, the wide range of Montessori activities will empower your child to become independent, and develop self-discipline and self-confidence.

The activities cover 5 areas of learning: gross motor skills, practical life, language, exploration through the 5 senses, and art. Each activity contains many variations and extensions.

The activities are suitable for toddlers up to around 3 years old.

You can set up each of them with easy-to-find materials. You probably already have everything you need at home!

This set will empower you to guide your children the Montessori way at home.

Are you ready to support your child the Montessori way? Then grab a set of activity cards today!

The set of cards comes in a cotton bag. Free shipping is included in the price.

Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree is a seasonal activity accessible for toddlers as it has been tested for 18+ months.

Our Christmas tree will be back in very limited quantities in October!

This toy consists of a Christmas tree, 6 coloured baubles, pattern cards, a guide, and extra activity sheets. 

We have painted the baubles in 6 different colours (primary+secondary).  

Invite your child to add the baubles to the tree in any random order.

Older children can slot the baubles on the tree to match the pattern cards. We have included 34 pattern cards, enough to keep your child busy until Christmas!

If it was not enough, our guide includes 6 extra activities that will show you how to use our toy in different ways. Your child might still play with this toy way beyond Christmas time!

 We take pride in our craftsmanship. The tree and baubles are sanded by hand and have an incredibly smooth finish.

All our wooden toys are made of plain, solid wood. We will never work with engineered wood like plywood or MDF. We use European, solid beech wood that we source from our local timber merchant. 

The tree has a rustic look, ideal for long and cosy winter evenings. It is finished with a natural blend of oils and waxes. Our baubles are hand-painted with safe acrylic paints.

Our toys are compliant with the EU and UKCA Toy Safety Regulations (EN71).

Get ready for the festive season!