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Here you can find our past boxes

From time to time, we have some past boxes to sell as one-off. 

The best way to grab one of the boxes when I have them is to join our newsletter.

Those boxes are only for our UK based customers.

For our monthly subscription, check here.

Christmas gifts options:

Offer a 3 months or 6 months subscription to the children in your life!

3 months Pre-pay option:

Start with the Savanna box that will be shipped straightaway in time for Christmas, followed by the Dinosaur box (beginning of January), then the Pets box in February.

Order now for only £65

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6 months Pre-pay option:

Same as above + Farm in March, Frog and pond life in April, then Around the world (continents, landmarks and Animals)

Order now for only £140

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Woodland box

  • Three-part cards of Woodland animals
  • Three-part cards of the parts of the Deer
  • Counting cards squirrels and acorns
  • Part of the Deer poster
  • Animal tracks cards
  • Spot the animal tracks poster
  • Hedgehog craft
  • Woodland stickers
  • Woodland animal stencil
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    Apple box

    The box includes:

  • 3 part-cards of the parts of the Apple
  • 3 part-cards of the life-cycle of the Apple Tree
  • Parts of the Apple poster
  • Life cycle posters
  • Type of Apple Cards
  • Domino game
  • Counting cards
  • Crafts and stickers
  • Apple recipes book
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    Season box

    The box includes:

    • 3 parts cards of Seasons
    • Sequencing cards -storytelling cards about the 4 seasons
    • Sorting cards - 4 seasons
    • I spy 4 seasons
    • Cutting activities about the 4 seasons
    • 3D craft tree with 4 seasons stickers
    • 4 seasons cherry tree craft with tissue paper
    • Season wheel
    • Poem and seasonal guide
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    Land, air, water box

    This box contains:

    - three-part cards of land, air, water cards

    - three-part cards of parts of land and water forms

    - Transport and animals sorting cards and bingo cards

    - Land and water forms sorting cards with real photographies ⁠

    - Land/air/water sorting mat for animals

    - Land/air/water sorting mat for transport

    - Transport stickers

    - Transport stencil

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    Weather box

    You will receive:
    🌦️☔☀️3-part cards of different kind of weather.
    💧water cycle posters and 3-part cards
    👒🧣🌂clothes bingo game
    ☁️Cloud poster and cloud viewer
    🌦️Cloud booklet to learn about each type of cloud
    🌈rainbow stencil
    🌈☁️Lacing activities
    🌡️ Temperature and weather chart
    🌦️ Weather wheel
    ☀️More crafts and stickers!

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