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Here you can find our past boxes

From time to time, we have some past boxes to sell as one-off. 

The best way to grab one of the boxes when I have them is to join our newsletter.

Those boxes are only for our UK based customers.

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Emotion box

This box is perfect at any time and can be used for a very long time! It's the perfect one-off to be used in a school/preschool as well.

  • 16 emotions three-part cards
  • Coping strategy cards
  • Emotion booklet (also a colouring book) to explore how to express 6 main emotions
  • Emotion dice
  • Emotion wheel
  • Emotion board game (just add a number dice and some paws)
  • Make a mindful jar
  • Make some emotion spoons

I made a few more but grab them while I have some!

Space box - only 5 in stock

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  • 3-part cards of the Moon cycle
  • 3-part cards of the planets
  • 3-part cards of the constellations
  • Constellations poster and how to observe the stars comprehensive guide
  • Factual colouring book about the Universe
  • Moon cycle poster
  • Universe poster
  • Space stencil
  • Make your own solar system + star stickers
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Colour box 

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  • 3-part of colours
  • sorting cards
  • pattern cards
  • Colour lotto with animals
  • Colour wheel poster
  • Explore colour with art
  • Dropper
  • Learning ressources set of translucide coins
  • See through coloured paper
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Anatomy box - Sold out

  • Three-part cards of the organs
  • Three-part cards of the skeleton
  • Posters of all the body system
  • Skeleton poster
  • Parts of the body poster
  • Sticking activity
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Bee box

  • Three-part cards of different kinds of bees
  • Parts of the bee 3-part card
  • Life cycle of the bee, 3-part cards
  • Part of the bee poster
  • Life cycle poster
  • Bee keeping cards
  • How do beekeepers collect honey - informational poster
  • How honey is made - informational poster
  • Make a bee badge, bee colouring
  • Bees and beehive counting cards


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All about frogs and pond's life - SOLD OUT

This box includes:

- 3 part cards of pond's animals and plants

- 3 part-cards of the parts of the frog

- 3 part-cards of the frog life cycle

- life-cycle poster

- parts of the frog poster

- spot at the pond sheets to take on your walk

- counting cards

- Make a life cycle craft and a cute frog face craft

Butterfly box

All about butterflies:

  • parts of the butterfly 3-parts cards
  • life cycle of the butterfly, 3-part cards and posters
  • type of butterflies 3-parts cards
  • difference between moth and butterfly
  • Symmetry cards and craft
  • Butterfly stickers
  • Make a butterfly mobile
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Apple box - SOLD OUT

The box includes:

  • 3 part-cards of the parts of the Apple
  • 3 part-cards of the life-cycle of the Apple Tree
  • Parts of the Apple poster
  • Life cycle posters
  • Type of Apple Cards
  • Domino game
  • Counting cards
  • Crafts and stickers
  • Apple recipes book
  • Pet box - SOLD OUT

    The box includes:

    • 3 parts cards of Common pets
    • 3 part cards of dog breeds
    • Cards and counter cards - Cats
    • Puppies and kitten bingo game
    • Origami craft activity
    • Scratch craft
    • Puppies or kitten stickers, chosen at random
    • Colouring

    Around the World box - SOLD OUT

    This box includes:

    • 3 parts cards of the 7 continents
    • 3 parts cards of famous landmarks
    • recipes/colouring booklet
    • Map of the world
    • Me on the map craft
    • Bingo animals of the world with 42 animals cards