Here you can find our past boxes

From time to time, we have some past boxes to sell as one-off. 

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Those boxes are only for our UK based customers.

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Woodland box

  • Three-part cards of Woodland animals
  • Three-part cards of the parts of the Deer
  • Counting cards squirrels and acorns
  • Part of the Deer poster
  • Animal tracks cards
  • Spot the animal tracks poster
  • Hedgehog craft
  • Woodland stickers
  • Woodland animal stencil
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    Farm box

    • Three-part cards Farm animals, Parents and youth
    • Parts of the chicken 3-parts cards
    • Life cycle of the chicken, 3-part cards
    • Part of the Chicken poster
    • Life cycle poster
    • What goes together cards
    • How to draw step by step
    • Stickers
    • Farm animal stencil
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    Apple box

    The box includes:

  • 3 part-cards of the parts of the Apple
  • 3 part-cards of the life-cycle of the Apple Tree
  • Parts of the Apple poster
  • Life cycle posters
  • Type of Apple Cards
  • Domino game
  • Counting cards
  • Crafts and stickers
  • Apple recipes book
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    Pet box

    The box includes:

    • 3 parts cards of Common pets
    • 3 part cards of dog breeds
    • Cards and counter cards - Cats
    • Puppies and kitten bingo game
    • Origami craft activity
    • Scratch craft
    • Puppies or kitten stickers, chosen at random
    • Colouring
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    Savannah box

    - 3 parts cards of Savanna animals

    - 3 part cards of the parts of the lion, parts of the lion blank and labelled

    - Educational poster about the Savanna

    - Difference between Asian and African elephant

    - Stickers

    - Poster to colour

    - Animal print craft paper and make your own lion craft 

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    Dinosaurs box:

    - 3 part-cards of dinosaurs (30 different dinosaurs) - double sided

    - sorting cards to sort dinosaur by diet or era

    - Dinosaur posters and timeline

    - Educational colouring booklet

    - Stencil and stickers

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