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Here you can find our past boxes

From time to time, we have some past boxes to sell as one-off. 

The best way to grab one of the boxes when I have them is to join our newsletter.

Those boxes are only for our UK based customers.

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Toddler activity cards:

Toddlers are amazing!

They’re always on the go, ready to explore and investigate.

Toddlerhood is a great learning opportunity for children to develop their independence and learn more about their immediate surroundings.

Our set of 50 cards will help you to set up more than 100 activities based on the Montessori method.

From gross motor skills to process art, the wide range of Montessori activities will empower your child to become independent, and develop self-discipline and self-confidence.

The activities cover 5 areas of learning: gross motor skills, practical life, language, exploration through the 5 senses, and art. Each activity contains many variations and extensions.

The activities are suitable for toddlers up to around 3 years old.

You can set up each of them with easy-to-find materials. You probably already have everything you need at home!

This set will empower you to guide your children the Montessori way at home.

Are you ready to support your child the Montessori way? Then grab a set of activity cards today!

The set of cards comes in a cotton bag. Free shipping is included in the price.

Apple box - 7 left

A great box for any time of the year but even better in Autumn and Winter when apples are at their best! It's a very popular one with the youngest children. 

  • parts of the apple three-part cards 
  • life cycle of the apple tree, poster and cards
  • type of apples sorting cards
  • counting cards
  • domino game
  • recipe book
  • make a basket with apples - craft
  • dabber and stickers

Colour box - 3 left!

  • 3-part of colours
  • sorting cards
  • pattern cards
  • Colour lotto with animals
  • Colour wheel poster
  • Explore colour with art
  • Dropper
  • Learning ressources set of translucide coins
  • See through coloured paper

Season box - 4 left

  • Three-part cards of the 4 seasons
  • Season bingo, sorting cards
  • Storytelling cards
  • I spy Seasons sheets
  • Cutting practice sheets
  • Tissue paper collage craft
  • 3D seasonal tree to make and decorate
  • Stickers and tissue paper

Weather box - 12 left!

  • weather wheel
  • temperature chart
  • weather chart
  • 3 part cards of types of weather
  • what to wear according to the weather cards and lotto/sorting game
  • lacing cards with one lace
  • Cloud booklet
  • Cloud poster
  • Cloud viewer
  • Rainbow template
  • raindrop and clouds template for craft
  • weather stickers

Mini-beasts - 2 left!

  • Three-part cards of mini-beasts
  • Part of the snail 3-part cards
  • Counting cards - ladybirds
  • Life cycle of the ladybird
  • Life cycle poster
  • Part of the snail poster
  • Difference between insect and arachnid
  • stickers
  • 1 mini-beast stencil

Flower box - 5 lefts

  • part of the flowers three part cards
  • types of flowers three part cards
  • life cycle of a sunflower, cards and posters
  • counting cards
  • stickers
  • make a lavender bag activity with organza bag, dry lavender and a cute wooden spoon
  • how to draw a tulip template