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"These boxes are amazing. My boys (3 and 5) really get excited when they arrive. But what I think they really love about them is that it's something we can all sit down and do together" Sarah P.

Are you searching for Montessori activities for your child, but you don't have time to make three-part cards and look for printables?

Are you uncertain which activities are suitable and how to present them most effectively to your child?

Explore the Authentic Montessori Subscription Box, adored by over 2000 parents since 2018.

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I wanted to present Montessori activities to my son without going insane with so much printing and laminating in the little free time I have. When our first box arrived I was so excited and relieved to see that everything was ready for me. I just needed to unpack! (yes, that's all!). Everything in the box is so well presented, clear and easy to use. My son absolutely loves every box!

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The Montessori Family Box is a monthly subscription service aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 6, offering Montessori activities delivered directly to your doorstep.

You no longer need to search, print or laminate materials!

We understand that it can be challenging to provide high-quality activities whilst juggling work, household tasks, and our children.

Our box includes everything you need to introduce your child to popular topics such as space, anatomy, cultures around the world, emotions, dinosaurs, and more.

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Wonderful boxes that inspire learning! I don't have a lot of time to research all the different topics and activities to support my child's learning and it's nice to know that I can rely on these boxes for that! The topics are so varied and we will definitely be using them over the next few years.

The monthly subscription is £26, free shipping in the UK included.

The boxes are set up in a way it's so easy to tailor to each child's understanding and needs. he boxes are set up in a way it's so easy to tailor to each child's understanding and needs. My eldest tries to use cards with words while my youngest can use just the picture cards. I also enjoy sitting down with them both knowing they are both completely engaged in the same activity. That really doesn't happen often!!!

This month's topic - All about the Farm - is on sale now!


This month's box contains:

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Auto renews every month for 24 consecutive months, cancel your subscription at any time (even after the first month).

I have been following The Montessori Family for a couple of years now since I bought the Montessori e- parenting and discipline course, which are excellent and full of rich content to help you on your Montessori journey. I have also subscribed to the monthly Montessori box. The topics are incredible and a lot of thought has gone into them. Carine is so lovely and helpful and I’m glad we found her 😊

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Amelia's 2.5 yo now and she's been showing interest in colours for the past couple of months so this box is of great help and came just on time to help us learn colours. We've been practicing with our cards a lot but her favourite things in the box are the translucent coloured sheets and the colour chips (we've lost a green chip first day in seems to be lost forever, never to be found. I've looked everywhere for it.) This box is the most popular so far.

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Please check our subscription box terms and conditions.

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