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Carine Robin

I am a qualified Montessori teacher with a Masters degree in Psychology. After many years working as a child psychologist and in the classroom, I founded The Montessori family to support parents and children at home.

I’m a mother of 2 children, now 10 and 14 and we have been raising them with the Montessori principles 
from the start.

I believe that parents are their child’s first teacher. Therefore, you deserve the best support you can have
to understand and follow your child.

My courses will help you to enjoy parenting, to simplify your life and to understand and apply
the Montessori principles to help your child to thrive.

Montessori Parenting Course

A course to introduce parents to the Montessori philosophy, and how to use it at home to raise happy, self motivated children.

Gentle Sleep course


Are you struggling with your baby or toddler’s sleep?
Learn what to expect of your baby and toddler’s sleep and how you can all have better sleep!
Based on neuroscience, on evidence-based gentle methods, and on Montessori.

Gentle Discipline Course

E-course with support. Enroll in a 5-week, Gentle discipline course online course. This course is based on the Montessori principles and other techniques I have learned from various gentle-parenting trainings I took, and from my own experience as a psychologist and a mum.

Monthly Subscription box of Montessori activities

Join our subscription and receive a box of Montessori materials around one topic every month through your door.


Lilou toys – Our handmade Montessori toys and materials

Inspiring little minds with eco-friendly toys

We make safe, natural wooden toys and educational materials for Montessori parents.

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Carine has such a wealth of information about child development and activities. I love her blog posts and have got a lot out of her parenting and discipline online courses. Our little boy loves his shelf of toys and activities, his own bathroom area and baby-centred bedroom, all thanks to Carine’s advice.


I took part in Carine’s Montessori Parenting course. It was exactly the motivation I needed to get moving with Montessori at home. It gave me great information and direction. The live Facebook calls meant that my questions received instant attention. I really appreciated the time Carine took to do this and I felt like a better Mum and therefore happier! My daughter was and continues to be much more content too and my husband has noticed a calmer house! We are Montessori converts! Thanks Carine!


I thought Carine’s Montessori course was really good! I started of with trying to read blogs here and there but found them to be really overwhelming. Whereas with the course I like how she broke it down into sections and encouraged us to actually make the Montessori changes. Also the handouts were really good especially the one on toys. I’m expecting soon and will definitely be more careful with what toys I’m going to expose the new babies to.


I’ve loved the course. Thank you for running it & for being so passionate about the subject! I really have felt supported – not many people seem to even look into any alternatives to raising children, so it’s things like this that make it more accessible wherever you are in the world & chat with like minded people!


I have found the course so inspiring and so practical – I have easily been able to apply the concepts with your help and guidance. I have now a few new Montessori materials I have got on your recommendation from your hand out. I’m really looking forward to the discipline course and thank you again for the time and care you put into the course it has been such a positive experience for the whole family.


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