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10 Montessori books about birds

Apr 24, 2023 - Montessori , Recommendations - By Carine Robin

Our Montessori box this month is all about birds!

Very young children are fascinated by birds, as they are so easy to spot in their everyday life.

Here are 10 of my favourite books about birds

Note that I chose some that features birds that we can find in Europe.

My first book of Garden birds

A beautiful picture book about garden birds that will appeal to families with young children. Very pretty watercolour illustrations.

RSPB My First Book of Garden Birds

Songs of the birds

Featuring 24 birds and their bird calls with a press here feature! 

Songs of the Birds

The Little Book Of Garden Bird Songs

Another sound book!

The Little Book Of Garden Bird Songs: Interactive sound book for young birdwatchers: Part of the Little Book of Sounds Series for Children Aged 3 to 8 Years

First book of birds by RSPB

Learn all about identifying birds with this spotter guide. More for 6+ or use it as a family to help your child identify birds. 

RSPB First Book Of Birds

RSPB nature guide: birds: a big garden birdwatch book

A bit similar to the one above but more for younger audience. 

RSPB Nature Guide: Birds: A Big Garden Birdwatch Book

How to attract birds to your garden

Plenty of helpful tips to attract more birds to your garden.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden: Foods they like, plants they love, shelter they need

National Trust: Robins, Wrens and other British Birds

This book is packed with facts about brilliant birds and their homes. With four pages of wildlife stickers, you can stick the ducks into the pond, fill the sky with swallows, add nests to the treetops, and much, much more.

From oystercatchers wading in the estuary to woodpeckers nesting in the woods, this is an excellent introduction to all types of birds for the very young.

National Trust: Robins, Wrens and other British Birds (National Trust Sticker Spotter Books)

My first book of birds

A beautifully illustrated book for young children, packed with information and fun facts – everything you need to know to help you learn about and identify birds.

With key facts about size, habitat, diet and population, there are detailed descriptions of each bird and tips to help you spot them in your own park or garden.

There is even a special, "Did you know?" section on each bird, which all young ornithologists will love!

My First Book of Birds (Zoe Ingram's My First Book of...)

The children's book of birdwatching

Plenty of activities to try with your child to instill a love of birds, attract them and protect them!

The Children's Book of Birdwatching: Nature-Friendly Tips for Spotting Birds

List to the birds

A lovely board book perfect for an older baby, young toddler. It was my son's favourite!

Listen to the Birds (Unicorn Academy: Where Magic Happens)

Have you read any of those books? Do you have any other bird books to recommend? Leave a comment!

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