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Montessori toddlers groups in the UK

Apr 17, 2022 - Montessori , Recommendations - By Carine Robin

Do you have a toddler or a baby? Would you like to join a community of like-minded parents and be guided by a Montessori teacher? So join one of the Montessori infant class in your area.

Prior to the pandemic, I was running a successful parents and toddler group in Central Bedfordshire. I hope to resume that playgroup as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, check all those baby and toddler classes in the UK. For each, I specific if the guide is Montessori trained, age group and price if known.

Due to Covid and lockdown, many groups have closed. I hope to update this list whenever I discover a new toddler group. If you want to add yours, just comment!

What is an Montessori parent and child class?

A Montessori toddler group is a class for parents or caregivers to attend with their child in a Montessori prepared environment, usually once a week for 1 to 2 hours.

The class can be divided in baby class, toddler class and preschool age or a mixed that would accommodate siblings.

Ideally, the group should be led by a trained Montessori teacher. However, here in the UK, there are some great groups led by passionate parents.

I give you a tour of my playgroup in this video.

Montessori classes in London:


Paint-pots consists of 3 nurseries in London and they also host creative classes and specific Montessori classes for toddlers. I had the pleasure to attend their playgroup with my son many years ago.

Little Hatchlings Montessori - Parent Accompanied Montessori Education

Shrewsbury House Community Centre, close to:

Bushmoor Crescent
Shooters Hill
London, Greater London
SE18 3EG

The website that lists the above playgroup seems to have verified the information recently.


The groups take place weekly during term time and are led by an AMI 0-3 trained directress, who will share information with you about how you can support your baby's development both during the sessions and at home. Your baby will be able to explore a safe environment that has been carefully prepared to meet their developmental needs, whilst you observe them. The groups provide a wonderful opportunity for you to meet other like-minded parents.

The Montessori for Parents and Babies sessions are suitable for babies from 2 months to 14/16 months (at which age they could join our Montessori Infant Community), accompanied by one parent or carer.

West Hampstead:

Rainbow Babies Montessori sessions are set up and run to provide a relaxed and welcoming environment ; where parents and carers of children from six - months to age - two, may discover information about Montessori philosophy and child development whilst the children are welcome to explore the materials, play and participate in singing.

The information about the Montessori philosophy or child development is provided either verbally by our most senior, qualified and experienced educators ; or via photocopies of relevant excerpts from accredited educational texts books.

Rainbow provides such factual information for parents and carers, with an aim that an adult individual, should be free to choose and make do with, as per personal preferences, orientation and opinion.

Montessori classes in England


Emma is a home educator, and former primary teacher, passionate about Montessori. She sets up several parents and children classes in Essex. She is also very active on Instagram if you want to follow her homeschooling journey and see the playgroup in action.

Check Montysaurus.


Little Shoots Montessori. Alisa is a qualified Montessori teacher and has set up a Montessori parents and child group in St-Albans.

Montessori classes in Scotland

Love Montessori Scotland is led by a qualified Montessori teacher, Hannah.

She runs a toddler playgroup in Aberdeen. I had the pleasure to interview her.

Montys Dundee:

A stay and play, Montessori inspired in Dundee. They are very active on FB.

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