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Montessori favourites at Ikea - 2020

Aug 12, 2020 - Montessori Home , Recommendations - By Carine Robin

Ikea is one of my favourite shops. If you were coming to my house, you would say that we live in an Ikea show-room.

In another blog post, I gave you a video tour of Ikea to show you what is Montessori friendly.

Today's blog post features what is new in Ikea and would be perfect for a Montessori home.

  1. Bullig Basket - this one is half the size of a Kallax insert. It's perfect to store loose parts, such as block set, train set and so on.
  2. Bullig basket narrow - this one fits a Billy bookcase so again perfect if it's the kind of shelves you are using.
  3. Lankmoj is a new series of products. There are boxes with lids, organiser for desk, mini-chest of drawers and more.
  4. Jamngod tray . I think they have a new design every year. When you like the design, make sure you buy enough trays to have a beautifully coordinated shelf!
  5. Silverpoppel apron : A very cute flamingo design
  6. Medarbetare strainer : Perfect as a small sieve for toddlers.
  7. Silverpoppel toddler apron
  8. Van Gogh Starry Night
  9. Van Gogh Sunflowers
  10. Monet Water lillies
  11. Drawing board: This drawing case is a small artist's best travel companion. Lots of pockets for pens, crayons, paper and scissors – and a drawing board on the back
  12. Pillemark rug: this rainbow design is just too cute!
  13. Palhult travel map : imagine all the Montessori activities you could do with a drawing map!
  14. Vesken slim trolley: it would be perfect as an art trolley for a small space. Or it could be used in a small kitchen for snacks and kitchen tools.
  15. Molger bench : it can be used as a shelf
  16. Kalsfint - water dispenser 3L

Do you like to shop at Ikea? Do you have some favourite items? Let me know in a comment!

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