Montessori friendly books for Winter

As I don't want to display my Christmas books just yet, I have pulled out our collection of winter books.

I am seriously missing my playgroup and the joy of rotating seasonal activities. Hence, this post to inspire you instead of me, displaying my collection in my group.

Montessori Friendly Winter books:

The ones I have:

Montessori winter books

Winter: a beautiful wordless book, part of collection of 4 (about the seasons of course)

The hat and the Mitten: both have a similar plots, the child lost a hat or a mitten and the animals take refuge in it. If you have a hat or an oversize mitten, you can combine with animals figurines. 

The shortest day: The beginning of winter is marked by the solstice, the shortest day of the year. Long ago, people grew afraid when each day had fewer hours of sunshine than the day before. Over time, they realized that one day each year the sun started moving toward them again. In lyrical prose and cozy illustrations, this book explains what the winter solstice is and how it has been observed by various cultures throughout history. Many contemporary holiday traditions were borrowed from ancient solstice celebrations

That's not my snowman

That's not my penguin

Snow (mention of Santa on the last page)

Some more Winter books to discover:

Montessori winter books

1. When Winter comes: What happens to fish, flowers, field mice, and other living things when ponds freeze and the air turns blustery? Walk with a curious child and his parents as winter's first snow falls and find out.

2. Snowflake Bentley: From the time he was a small boy, Wilson Bentley saw snowflakes as small miracles. And he determined that one day his camera would capture for others the wonder of the tiny crystal. Bentley's enthusiasm for photographing snowflakes was often misunderstood in his time, but his patience and determination revealed two important truths: no two snowflakes are alike; and each one is startlingly beautiful. His story is gracefully told and brought to life in lovely woodcuts, giving children insight into a soul who had not only a scientist's vision and perseverance but a clear passion for the wonders of nature.

3. My brother loved snowflakes: another story about Bentley. 

And find here some printable about the snowflakes by Bentley!

4. Over and under: Over the snow, the world is hushed and white. But under the snow lies a secret world of squirrels and snow hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many other animals making their winter home under the snow. This beloved nonfiction picture book exploring the subnivean zone reveals the tunnels and caves formed beneath the snow but over the ground, where many kinds of animals live through the winter, safe and warm, awake and busy, but hidden beneath the snow.

5. Animals in winter: we have many titles from this collection. It's the perfect amount of facts for a 3 to 6 years old.

6.  Secret of winter: Meet some amazing animals and learn how they adapt to winter with this cleverly designed 'Shine-a-Light' picture book! From the bears in their lairs and the foxes in their dens, to the squirrels and birds in the treetops, discover nature's secrets about the animals and plants that live in and around a snow-covered forest.  Then hold each page up to a bright light to reveal a hidden image! A wonderful first introduction to nature in winter with a unique design that adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment for children. A fun and innovative non-fiction title for your child's bookshelf.

7. Forest club winter: A visually stunning book of outdoor activities and crafts that ties into the burgeoning interest in forest schools and rewilding the child, with the aim of reconnecting children to nature and the outdoors.

8. The story of snow: How do snow crystals form? What shapes can they take? Are no two snow crystals alike? These questions and more are answered inside this exploration of the science of snow, featuring photos of real snow crystals in all their beautiful diversity.

9.  Goodbye Autumn, hello winter: As leaves fall from their trees, animals huddle against the cold, and frost creeps across windows, everyone knows--winter is on its way! Join a brother and sister as they explore nature and take a stroll through their twinkling town, greeting all the signs of the coming season.

10. Winter: A simple board book about winter for the younger ones.

Do you have any other books to recommend? Leave a comment below! 

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