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"These boxes are amazing. My boys (3 and 5) really get excited when they arrive. But what I think they really love about them is that it’s something we can all sit down and do together" Sarah P.


It's nearly time to celebrate! Are you ready for the end of the year celebrations? Do you want your child to enjoy some winter and Christmas Montessori inspired activities?

Our Winter celebrations bonus box is now ready to pre-order!

"I wanted to present Montessori activities to my son without going insane with so much printing and laminating in the little free time I have. When our first box arrived I was so excited and relieved to see that everything was ready for me. I just needed to unpack! (yes, that's all!). Everything in the box is so well presented, clear and easy to use. My son absolutely loves every box!" 

(Truspilot review 2021)

I don't have a lot of time to research all the different topics and activities to support my child's learning and it's nice to know that I can rely on these boxes for that! The topics are so varied and we will definitely be using them over the next few years. Kate." Trustpilot 2021

Pre-order your Christmas/Winter box now. We will ship them from mid-November

This bumper box is full of crafts and activities you can use again and again!

We have only a limited number of boxes available.

Order your box now!

Let me know if you are ok with Stencils, stickers and crafts that might have Santa or an Angel included. We will endeavor to avoid them if it's a big no no for your family. This is a one-off box and not part of our subscription. 

The Bumper Christmas box is £26 with FREE shipping (UK only)

Ok with Santa/Angels or not

Help your child grow the Montessori way!

The Winter celebrations box include

  • Double-sided Winter celebrations and traditions cards to introduce your child to how Christmas and Winter is celebrated around the world as well as discovering the origins of many Christmas traditions. 
  • Counting cards: Count the number of baubles on the Christmas tree from 1 to 10
  • Snowflakes memory/matching cards
  • 12 Advent calendar cards with suggestion of activities
  • How to say Merry Christmas in 20 languages, cut the cards and use them on your Christmas cards
  • I spy poster
  • Cutting practice worksheets
  • Coulourings
  • Make your own Christmas card
  • "surprise extra Christmas craft"
  • Christmas Stencil
  • Christmas/Winter stickers
  • Make a Snowman sensory bottle or Candle holder
  • Stick the bauble on the Christmas tree
  • Make some snowflakes with paper doilies
Ok with Santa/Angels or not
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Note that the box is not suitable for children under 3 because it contains small items.

All children must be supervised while working with the box’s contents and activities.

This is an educational material and children must be supervised by an adult while working with the box’s contents and activities.


What age are the subscription boxes for?

The box has been designed for children aged 3 to 6 years old. Our cards have been tested and are UKCA/CE certified. For safety reasons, we don't recommend our boxes for children under 3 as each box may contain small parts. We recommend that you supervise your child while working with the box materials.

Can I buy the box if my child is younger than 3?

Many families have subscribed to the box, in advance, to have them at their fingertip when their child is 3 and ready for them.

Can I buy the box if my child is older than 6?

Many of the topics are explored in depth with extra information. When your child can read independently, he will explore the box's content in a different way again. My own son enjoyed many topics until he was 7. As a family, we learned a lot with the space box and the emotions box is a resource that can be used by the whole family for many years. 

Can I choose the topics I will receive?

We have 24 topics and we believe you will love them all. You start your subscription with the current topic specified on the page. We update the page as soon as the next topic is ready to be shipped. When you become a subscriber, you will be told what will be the 11 next topics. Note that topics can be changed at the last minute depending on suppliers. You can skip a topic if for whatever reason, you don't want a particular one.

I don't know how to use the activities, will you help me?

Each box comes with a parent guide and dedicated webpage for our members. In addition, you can check the mini-course that shows you how to use the 3-part cards. You can also join the FB group to ask your questions and share more ideas.  I'm always happy to help you and to give you more info about Montessori. 

Can I buy a one-off box?

From time to time, we have one-off boxes available. It's only leftover boxes and one-off boxes are £30 while the subscription is £25/month. Keep an eye on the one-off boxes page to grab a past topic. 

Is it a contract or can I cancel at any time?

Our subscription makes our business sustainable, allowing us to grow and offers you a high quality product. Having said that, the subscription is not a contract. You can cancel at any time, even after the first month. 

What if I don't follow Montessori that much at home?

Our activities are based on the Montessori principles but you don't have to be 100% Montessori to introduce our box to your child. Our box is for any family who wants to offer fun and educational activities to their child. 

I'm a Montessori teacher, can I use your materials in my classroom?

Yes and in fact, many Montessori teachers are subscribers, to make their work easier in the classroom or to use the activities at home with their children. Our activities are based on the Montessori principles but you don't have to be 100% Montessori to introduce our box to your child. Our box is for any family who wants to offer fun and educational activities to their child. I only ask that you don't copy and distribute the materials outside of your own classroom or playgroup. 

I want to buy several boxes or subscription for the children in my school or playgroup, do you offer discount?

Yes, contact me to discuss your requirements. 

How eco-friendly is the Montessori Family box?

Most of our materials is paper-based. Everything is printed in the UK by companies that use FSC paper. We don't laminate to avoid unnecessary plastic. We don't have single use plastic in our boxes (such as one-time plastic based crafts). Our packaging is eco-friendly and we use paper tape. We are planning to invest in a Terracycle bin to reduce our waste. 

When you say Made in the UK, what do you mean?

All our materials are printed in the UK, designed and hand finished by us. For our crafts, we use suppliers based in the UK. Our boxes, packaging and brand stickers are also made in the UK. Whenever we can, we source as locally as possible and feed back into the local economy. 

See what our customers have to say:

"Wow... Just wow!"

We get the subscription box and WOW just WOW! It’s extremely well laid out and easy to follow. The box is versatile so it fits both my 5 y/o and 2 y/o with helpful instructions on how to aim the activities to different ages.

The items are quality and can certainly be used again and again.

It surpassed my expectations totally.

Very happy Parent here.  Emily.R


"These boxes are amazing. My boys (3 and 5) really get excited when they arrive. But what I think they really love about them is that it’s something we can all sit down and do together..."

The boxes are set up in a way it’s so easy to tailor to each child’s understanding and needs. My eldest tries to use cards with words while my youngest can use just the picture cards. I also enjoy sitting down with them both knowing they are both completely engaged in the same activity. That really doesn’t happen often!!!

I love the step by step cards. They are easy to follow or to just dip in and out off. And I also know we will keep coming back to these boxes when relevant to their schooling or just because they want to revisit the box!

It’s just the second box but just like my boys, I am really excited for ALL the future boxes!

Thank you for creating such an amazing product! Can’t wait for the next one" Sarah P.


"What I like about the Montessori Family Box is that the materials are adaptable to your child's age, skills and, abilities..."

Although instructions are provided, you can use the materials as you like. Below we have taken one of the three-part cards on a bird hunt. I know it's likely we will find a blackbird, so I have introduced the (verbal) word 'blackbird' to Otto and we go out looking for blackbirds - and find one!! Later we could use the cards for matching or sorting and next year or even the year after Otto can use them as three-part cards. 

The materials are of high quality, they are all professionally made. The images are clear, the paper is glossy and the cards are thick. Each month the theme changes, so you can introduce them to your child or save them for when an interest arises.

(read the full review at How We Montessori). Kylie D'alton from How we Montessori


"I just wanted to let you know that we have received our box and are really pleased with it"

". I love the shapes- amazing quality. So pleased I subscribed as I’m usually a bit skeptical! Can’t wait to find out what the next topic will be!." R.C

"So excited to receive our first box yesterday"

". Watching the video of Carine and her adorable son using the activities, I can see we'll be able to use these again and again in so many different ways. Absolutely thrilled she has done the hard work for me and I now have the tools we need to bring Montessori in our home in a truly educational way." Claire S.

"I'm really impressed by quality of the three part cards and the pictures cards"

"Absolutely loving this subscription box. The first box includes materials and guides to explore shapes. I'm really impressed by quality of the three part cards and the pictures cards. They are very strong and will definitely last for years to come. There are also extra printables resources available to accompany the box and ideas to use household items to extend the learning opportunities. Everything is clearly explained box on instruction cards and video demo online. It's clear a lot of time and thought has gone into the box and we are very exited for future deliveries." Picture My play on Instagrm

Download our free 3 part cards about Garden birds

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