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Montessori at home UK - Ultimate list of resources.

May 10, 2021 - Montessori UK - By Carine Robin

If you browse Instagram or do a Google search, chances are that you will come across many US links and accounts.

The UK might be smaller but we are mighty! And Montessori is more and more accessible when you know where to look!

I want to share with you everything you need to know about Montessori at home in the UK. Where to source materials, what are the training available and how to homeschool in the UK.

In this blog post, I will share:

  • a list of Montessori bloggers based in the UK
  • specific British/Irish materials and where to source them, including Montessori subscription boxes.
  • Montessori UK and Irish based Instagram accounts
  • Montessori FB groups
  • Where to train as a Montessori teacher
  • Montessori preschool and day nurseries
  • Montessori schools, included the few secondary schools
  • Montessori YouTube channels based in the UK
  • And some resources about home education in the UK

Montessori UK blogs

In addition of reading my blog, check these ones!

  • Montessori at home 3 to 6: Jude, the co-founder of this blog, used to moderate my FB group and she is a subscriber of my Montessori box. She is a childminder and uses Montessori in her work and with her son. They homeschool and she wanted to share more about the 3 to 6 age group! Jude Saffron and Mie Mari Sløk Rusdal found each other in 2020 while volunteering as moderators for the largest online Montessori Facebook group. After having worked together for over a year, they decided it was the right time to start their own online community and share their knowledge and experience with a new audience.
  • Frida be mighty: It's not a specific Montessori blog. You might know Eloise Rickman, the author of "Extraordinary parenting" book. She home educate her daughter who is now 6 years old. She runs parenting courses. I'm not sure she still needs to be introduced!
  • Fred Ted and company! Ted is more on Instagram these days but her blog is full of great articles to dive into. She reviews many children's books as well.
  • Live otherwise: Jax is a mum of 4, based in the UK. She has been blogging since 2003. There is a Montessori category on her blog so you can dive into many blog posts about how she used Montessori with her own children. The blog is still updated but it's not so much about Montessori these days.
  • Montessori at home UK: Kimberley is a primary school teacher and the mum of Arlo who is around 2 (not sure as he was 18 months old when she wrote her bio). She is based in the UK and shares activities and links relevant to parents in the UK!

Montessori British materials, toys and books

When you look at resources online, it's often US orientated. Therefore a set of bird cards would include the American Robin instead of the European one. Or colour will be written in American English. It is frustrating!

It's one reason to take my subscription box. Our free download are generally UK/Europe inspired as well. You can join my newsletter to receive my free printable when I release them.

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A few UK materials

Lanka Kade and Tender Leaf are two brands who make wooden animals toys that are common in the UK.

Find Lanka Kade products on Yes Bebe. Enter MONTE10 for a 10% off.

And find Tender Leaf on Yes Bebe as well . They even have a highland cow!

Britain map:

Big jig map is less impressive than the official Nienhuis Montessori material but also less expensive. We have the European one and here I have linked the UK one.

Bigjigs Toys, British Isles Wooden Puzzle, Wooden Toys, Jigsaw Puzzle, Map Of The UK, Geography Games, UK Jigsaw Puzzles For Children, Map Jigsaw, Jigsaw Puzzle Map

Some specific British inspired materials on Absorbent minds website.

For field guides, books about nature, plants and animals, I recommend Woodland trust and RSPB publication. RSPB has also some jigsaws, games, puppets and more that are showcasing our British wildlife.

The Irish website Lisheen Montessori has some specific material, such as Montessori map of Scotland, of Ireland. Some puzzles showcasing the traveler community.

Montessori Subscription box in the UK

In 2018, we launched the first Montessori subscription box in the UK! Our box contains a collection of Montessori activities based on a different topic every month.

Our boxes help you to introduce Montessori activities to your child without having to research a topic, find all the materials, printing it and more!

You receive a box of Montessori aligned resources, all ready to go, delivered to your door every month.

In addition, our boxes focus on fauna and flora from the UK and Europe! Which is rarely the case when you download materials online.

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Montessori Instagram accounts

Instagram is the new way to blog these days! I have selected some UK and Irish based accounts that show how we do Montessori in our part of the world.

This is by no means an exhaustive list! I am focusing here on accounts that are posting Montessori content on a regular basis.

Some UK hashtags to follow: #montessorifamilyuk #montessoriuk #montessorifamilybox #montessoriforfamiliesuk

And this one is new and it's the one to follow to check our UK/Irish ongoing collab on Instagram #montessorifamiliesuk

I hope you are following me already!

My Instagram account: montessorifamilyuk

  • Us_in_London. Read Kate's interview here.
  • Apreparedadult
  • Montessori_is_art: Viktoria is a Montessori teacher who works in a mainstream school. Read more about her experience in mainstream here.
  • Fredtedandcompany: Ted has also a blog but she is much more active on Instagram.
  • Mimosa_Montessori: Anna is a Montessori teacher and an Art teacher. She works as a childminder.
  • Aworriedmama: Emma is a mum of two and shares mainly in her Stories.
  • Montessoriminded: Zoe is a Montessori childminder and shares many ideas on her account.
  • Ourmontessoribookshelf: Montessori friendly book recommendation.
  • Montessori_boo: Claire has 3 children and shows us how to do Montessori in a small space with a limited budget.
  • Montessoriandus: Sarah is based in Ireland and explains some of the chore Montessori concepts + showcases what she does with her son.
  • Montessoriplaying: Paula shares her everyday life with her toddler. Montessori inspired and lots of UK recommendations.
  • Montessori_wildings: Abigail is a Montessori teacher an shares about their family life with lots of forest school inspiration.
  • Mommysandmontessori: Clare is based in Ireland and shares about their Montessori life. She also connects many Irish based accounts.
  • Montessori_and_play: A mum and Montessori teacher who shows how she homeschools her little boy. Montessori style only!
  • TheMontessoristudio: Zainab is a Montessori teacher based in London. She talks about Montessori and how to make it inclusive.
  • Montessori_with_toddler: A Montessori inspired mum sharing the activities she does with her toddler. Lots of info and educational Reels.

Montessori UK Facebook groups

Well, obviously, I will first talk about my own FB group. I started this group in 2012 when I launched my parents and toddlers group. It was only for my customers. Then I made it for everyone in 2017. We have grown from 200 members to around 25,000.

Although we welcome everyone from around the world, it's primarily for families in the UK as a local FB group was missing! Ask all your questions about Montessori in the group! We are very friendly and the group is described by its members as being non judgmental, respectful, flexible about Montessori, and very safe to share in.

CLICK HERE to join our community of 20,000 like minded parents.

Other interesting Montessori FB groups in the UK:

Where to find Montessori ressources in the UK

I have a specific blog post with my favourite links for specific toys and materials website. I have recently updated the list.

Where to train as a Montessori teacher in the UK

  • Maria Montessori institute : this is the only AMI accredited training in the UK. They now offer some online courses.
  • Montessori Centre international : they are currently updating their training offering.
  • Leeds University Montessori offers a Montessori primary degree.
  • Montessori Partnership : Montessori Partnership delivers flexible Montessori training courses in the UK that remains true to the ethos of Maria Montessori’s own work with children. We ensure that our students fully understand and can actively apply the Montessori philosophy and principles.
  • Bournemouth Montessori training : Established in 1992, Bournemouth Montessori Centre (BMC) is one of the foremost providers of Montessori teacher training and offers a fully rounded, affordable college-based course leading to a Montessori Diploma (birth to six years old) (level 4) containing Early Years Educator (level 3).
  • Modern Montessori International: In partnership with Skills First (a government approved awarding body), we offer the Early Years Educator and Montessori Diploma, a course in line with the nationally set criteria for the Early Years Educators. The dual qualification meets the relevant criteria for those wishing to work with young children. The Early Years Educator qualification confers a licence to practice for all newly qualified practitioners in England.
  • Hands on learning: they have various training, included a primary level one.
  • The Curiosity Approach: The Curiosity Approach® is a modern day approach to Early Childhood, combining Montessori, Waldorf, play-based, Reggio and much more. It's the brain child of two nursery owners who after having successfully developped their own setting decided to help other settings. They offer an accreditation scheme helping settings to adopt their approach.
  • Montessori trainings for childminders: CPD offered by a Montessori consultant who is currently a childminder.

How to find a Montessori childminder in the UK

I had the pleasure to interview Sonia Quinn from Red Door Childminding. Listen to her tips here.

To find a childminder in general, you may want to ask your local FB group for your town. Or check a general childminding website. Every council has a list of registered childminders.

I know a few Montessori childminders so I will list them here. There is a brand new FB group to find a Montessori childminder in the UK.

Montessori daycare, preschools and nurseries in the UK

How to find a Montessori school in the UK

Same lists as above!

Montessori Elementary is in fact the primary level system in the UK.

Montessori primary corresponds to nursery up to reception level.

There are a few primary schools in the UK and even fewer secondary schools.

Here are some that I recommend personally:

Montessori parents and toddlers groups in the UK

You might be lucky to have access to a Montessori playgroup near where you live.

Here is a big list!

Find here a list of the Montessori toddlers groups

2 new playgroups that I'm aware off:

Montessori UK Youtube channels

My own YouTube channel!

Sophie Pickles

Sophie's channel is all about parenting and she offers online sensory classes on her channel.

The Hidden Gem

Emma is based in Ireland and she has a successful YouTube channel. She has 4 children, a toddler and triplet!

Kayla at this Family thing

Kayla is local-ish and used to come to my toddler group. She is also a childminder and creates some ressources.

Bairn and Backpack

Bairn and Backpack channel's link.

Montessori homeschooling in the UK

I don't home educate so I am not knowledgeable in all things homeschooling in the UK!

But I do regret not deferring my child's entry into primary. So it's something to consider if you are unsure about sending your child to school, you don't have to do it until your child is 5 so the term after their 5th Birthday. That would be have been one term later for my daughter and 2 terms later for my son.

In the UK, there is a new FB group starting run by a UK based Montessori teacher, Leanne Ridgeway who is now home educating her son. Check it out.

Leanne also offers a workshop about Superhero play and Montessori. Read her very interesting post on my blog.

I hope you have found this blog post useful! If I have missed some great links, let me know in the comments!

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