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Jan 31, 2022 - Montessori , Recommendations - By Carine Robin

Are you looking for a Montessori school in London? Check my list of recommended settings, from early years to secondary schools in the capital.

I have checked their credentials. I know some of their founders personally. Having said that, it's still an non-exhaustive list. I will always advise you to do your own research and to visit as many settings as possible.

Check this blog post about what to look for when you visit a Montessori nursery.

I have listed first the schools I can personally recommend, as I know the owner or I have visited them. Then there is a more general list of London based Montessori schools.

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Founded in 2005 as a Montessori Pre-School , today Rose House Montessori School operates over three different sites within walking distance, offering mixed aged, beautiful environments for children aged two to eleven years old.

I had the pleasure to do a training with Dawn Nasser, the founder of Rose House Montessori.I love their open door policy. You can visit unannounced (it might have changed due to covid). They have evolve from a small preschool to a primary school.

All teaching staff at Rose House Montessori School hold a Montessori Diploma; teaching staff working primarily with children of primary school age in addition also hold Degree Level qualifications.

Enjoy this interview with Dawn Nasser.

Where is it? Forest Hill, London SE23 2AG

Who is it for? Children aged from 2 and a half to 11 years old.

Who is in charge? Dawn Nasser and Dr Ursula Nerre

How much does it cost? Early years starts £4322.50 per term 9am to 4pm. Primary is £3768.33 per term.

Link :

My Montessori school

I discovered Didi Tonev, the founder of "My Montessori school" on YouTube years ago. She has a little boy and was talking about Montessori, their activities and many other interesting topics. She went on training as a Montessori teacher and founded a Montessori preschool in London!

We had a dream of creating a beautiful and peaceful place where children would love to come and grow.

Where is it? Brook Green, West London, W6 7BL

Who is it for? For children ages 2 to 5

Who is in charge? Didi Tonev, founder and Zara Zafar – Head of school

How much does it cost? From £2990 per term


Established in 1988, Paint Pots has offered a Montessori education for children through our Nursery Schools and Classes for over 30 years. Paint Pots is a small independent group of Montessori Early Years settings based within central London in Notting Hill, Chelsea and Hyde Park.

I had the pleasure to do a training with the founder, Georgina Hood, about mindfulness in the Montessori classroom. That training led me to train as a yoga and mindfulness teacher for children.

Paint pots is not only a school but they also offer creative classes and parents and child classes.

Where is it? London W11 2RW

Who is it for? Birth to 5 years old

Who is in charge? Founder and Principal, Georgina Hood

How much does it cost? From £2265 per full-time term


Maria Montessori institute

Maria Montessori institute is the AMI training center. They have 5 schools from aged 2 to 12 years old.

Looking for a nursery or preschool in London? Let your child reach their true potential at our happy and authentic Montessori Children’s Houses (nursery/preschool age – 2 ½-6 years) and Elementary classes (primary/prep school age – 6-12 years). Established in 1965, we are in Bayswater (W2) , Hampstead (NW3) , Hornsey Rise (N19) (near Crouch End), Notting Hill (W11) or Abbey Road (NW6) .

Where is it? Bayswater, Hampstead, Hornsey Rise, Notting Hill, Abbey Road

Who is it for? For children aged 2 to 12

Who is in charge? Head of school is Michel Capobianco

How much does it cost? Fees vary according to the location and are around £4470 for a full term in preschool to £4840 in elementary.


Apple Montessori school:

Apple Montessori School London opened their doors in January 2014, and through word of mouth in the Pitshanger and Ealing area, they quickly became loved and highly recommended by parents.

I met Helena Patterson, the owner and really appreciated her commitment to Montessori. She started with a small setting in her house and moved to a purpose-built building in order to welcome more children.

Where is it? Apple Montessori School London, Mini Pavilion, Trailfinders Sports Club, West Ealing, W13 0DD

Who is it for? Children aged 2 to 5

Who is in charge? Helena Patterson

How much does it cost? Not disclaimed on their website


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Something original, Playhood is a nursery, a co-working space and a community space. Playhood helps reunite the most important things in your life. A micro Montessori nursery school sits alongside a calm co-working space and a friendly community of parents. It's a micro-nursery so they have a maximum of 6 children per day. It's very flexible and linked to the co-working space.

It might be a great solution for you if you are self-employed.


Little People's Montessori

Little People's Montessori is based in Charlton, South East London. They are a small, term time only, Montessori preschool, caring and guiding children aged from 2 years to 5 years, often having children stay with them for their reception year. They have been established for eight years now and most of our families find us through word of mouth.

Including the owner, Charlotte Day, there are six directresses. Four are qualified Montesssori guides, and one has almost completed her course.

This academic year they have been working alongside a wonderful forest school leader and now offer weekly forest school sessions for the children in nearby woodlands.

Charlotte says "I knew at the age of 10 that I wanted to open my own Montessori nursery when I grew up. I attended a Toad Hall Montessori in Kennigington when I was little and still remember the wonderful guides who looked after me, Vivien and Caroline. At the age of 27 I took a massive leap and went for it, starting with two children!

Eight years on I have two little people of my own, the oldest of whom attends now. With the help of my amazing colleagues, particularly Renata and Dekyi, who have been with me from the start, I have been able to build my vision and create an environment where children flourish, and build foundations for life not just for school.

Also we hold reunions every year, and it is simply amazing when the children return at 8/9 years old and still go straight to practical life, take an activity and sit down quietly at the table with it - my heart!"

Where is it? Victoria Way, Charlton, SE7 7NQ

Who is it for? For children aged 2 to 5 years old

Who is in charge? Charlotte Day

How much does it cost? Full-time fees per term are £2500


Montessori secondary school in London:

The River house:

Sarah Greenwood founded the school in 1994. It now caters from preschool to key stage 3. The secondary school opened in 2011 and remains small.


AMI has a list of Montessori schools in the UK. Where there is their logo next to the listing, it means that the setting went through the AMI accreditation.

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List of Montessori nurseries and schools:

AMI has a list of Montessori schools in the UK. Where there is their logo next to the listing, it means that the setting went through the AMI accreditation.

AMI listing

Montessori group, previously known as Montessori Centre International, has also a list and offers an accreditation.

Montessori group listing

I hope this article will help you to choose a Montessori school for your child. If you want to personally recommend a setting, please leave a comment!

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