Montessori Inspired Flowers Activities

Flowers are in full bloom all around us!

So I'm happy to share some Montessori inspired activities featuring flowers.

I also have a few "All about Flowers" Montessori boxes on Sale. 

The featuring activities use some of the materials from the Flower box.

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3 parts cards to learn about different kind of flowers:

In the Montessori education, three-part cards are used to teach the name of things found in the world.

They consist of:

  • A picture
  • A label
  • A control card with the picture and the label together

If your child is a non-reader, use the cards without the labels.

If your child has started to read, use the card with the label.

He might only recognise the first letter of the word. In this case, you can help him match the card to the corresponding flower by saying “this is the tulip, can you find a card with a word starting with the letter t?”

If your child can read, he can match the label with the picture.

Toob Replicas of Flowers

If you have the toob replicas of the flowers, match the 3 parts cards to the flowers

Parts of the Flower

These cards are part of our Montessori box. 

Add the Montessori puzzle Parts of the flowers.

Dissecting a flower

In this lesson, my child uses the scissors and tweezers to take apart the parts of the flowers.

After that, he arranges the parts on the paper and glue them down

Then he labelled each part.

We use a Labo kit from Learning Resources.

Sort the flowers by colour!

Use the Colour tablets and match them to the flower cards.

Life cycle of the Flower

For this box, we have chosen the life cycle of the Sunflower.

Montessori Flowers Arranging

This is a traditional Practical life activity in the Montessori classroom. Children are generally invited to bring in flowers in turn in the classroom. At home, pick some wildflowers or encourage your child to choose some flowers from the flower shop.

This activity includes several steps: pouring water in vases through a funnel, wiping spills, cutting the stems with scissors and arranging the flowers nicely in the vase.

Children are so proud to contribute to the beauty of the home!

Some books about Flowers!

The art of Flora Forager

This book inspired us to make our own flowers mandala with some wildflowers

A guide of British wildflowers and Trees.

This book is very informative and there is a space for your child to record his findings.

I absolutely love the collection "Let's read and find out"

We use this one while studying our flower topic!

Seed to Sunflower

This is a simple book with child-friendly information and real pictures. 

I hope these activities will inspire you!

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