Montessori Easter activities

Montessori-inspired Easter Activities

Apr 9, 2020 - Easter , Montessori Downloadables , Spring - By Carine Robin

Here are some Montessori inspired activities that would be perfect for Spring and Easter.

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Spring and Easter are coming! With 2 weeks of half-term, let's enjoy some Montessori inspired activities!

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Lining up chicks

Transferring chicks with tongs

Transferring chicks with tongs

Transferring chicks in an egg carton

Cards and Counters

I love numeracy and the cards and counters activity can be adapted to any topic! I cut some lovely paper into egg shapes, I wrote the numbers and the child has to count the corresponding numbers of chicks.


Opening and closing pegs require great dexterity. I found that by changing the kind of pegs we have, the child comes to the activity and then keeps practicing. It is so easy to find decorative pegs that you can set up a new activity for only £1!

One to one correspondence

Just give one carrot to each rabbit!

I have found most of the material in Poundland. I am sure you can find equivalent in Target, Dollar store, and other cheap shops. I keep the material from one year to the other and rarely buy a new batch. I have had the same chicks for years!

And a free gift for you,

Download a totally free Montessori-inspired printable for Easter!

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More Easter inspiration and Spring activities:

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