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I will start this blog post by acknowledging that Easter is foremost a Christian celebration. If you are a secular family, you may want to focus on the religious aspect of Easter. Maybe for you, Easter bunnies have no place in your traditions.

But for many families, including mine, the Easter egg hunt will be an important aspect of Easter. At the same time, if you are familiar with the Montessori principles, a bunny bringing eggs to your child doesn't make much sense. 

I personally have embraced the Egg hunt tradition with no mention, whatsoever to the cute bunny! In fact, where I come from, it is the Bells from the Vatican that fly from Rome to our Garden to drop eggs. It doesn't make much more sense than a rabbit for sure.

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Anyhow, I love Easter. I love the Easter eggs hunt. It's probably because it's linked to the Spring season, to seeing baby animals in the fields, to the pretty flowers coming out of their bulb and so on. 

It's the perfect time to explore the life cycle of the chicken, to learn about eggs in general and to celebrate the arrival of Spring. After all, all the religious festivals were first some pagan celebrations of the natural world and natural rhythm of the seasons.

If like me, you want to avoid fantasy based books and the mention of the bunny, let me introduce you to some "reality-based" Easter inspired books.

Poppy and Sam's Easter Egg Hunt (Farmyard Tales Poppy and Sam)

It's just about the Easter egg hunt so reality based enough. The bunnies are cartoonish but don't do anything fantasy based. In this Usborne collection of books, you can spot the little chick on each page.

Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs? (Lift-The-Flap)

Baby will find a spring picture under each flag while searching for the Easter egg.

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Who Says Hippity Hop?: A Highlights First Easter Book (Baby Mirror Board Books)

With colourful photographs of adorable babies and animals getting ready for Easter, this rhyming board book also features a bunny-shaped mirror perfect to look in while saying "Hippity hop"! Celebrate the coming of spring with simple, repetitive say-aloud words and bright photos of animals and children.

Easter (Holidays Around the World)

Around the World: Easter gives young readers in prekindergarten to grade 1 an introduction to what the holiday means and how people celebrate this special time of year.

Holidays Around The World: Celebrate Easter

A National Geographic publication with beautiful pictures.

Witness the holiest day on the Christian calendar as it is celebrated throughout the world: from the famous Easter Egg Roll at the White House to the traditional bonfires throughout Europe, to colourful customs, to the universally popular dying of eggshells worldwide.

Easter, Passover & Festivals of Hope (Celebrating Holidays & Festivals Around the World)

This book explains not only Easter but many of the other Spring related celebrations from around the world.

Are there any other books you would like to recommend? Please leave a comment!

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