Montessori Unit Study: all about Dandelions

With dandelions in abundance around us, it seems fitted to explore this wonderful plant!

Let's not call it a weed, shall we?

Dandelion is one of the first flower to appear in Spring and can flower until late Autumn. Contrary to the popular belief, it's not the best flower for the bees are its pollen is not as rich as some other flowers. It's better to see the dandelion as a nice snack for the bees and other pollinators insects!

Anyhow, it's easy for parents and children to explore them as they are everywhere!

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And here is a round-up of activities about dandelions, from around the web!

Dandelions playdough from ParentingChaos

The Dandelions will colour the playdough!

Wishes in a jar from Laughing kids learn

I'm sure your children like to blow out dandelion seeds! Do they make wishes as well?

I find this idea of wishes in a jar so so cute!

Parts of the dandelion from Playful learning

You can pick up a dandelion to explore the different parts of the plant. Make sure to take the root as well. And then compare to this poster free on Playful Learning website.

How to make a Dandelion crown:

Some dandelions craft:

Make a dandelion seeds head with a dish brush from Crafty Morning.

Make Vegan honey - share by Jude, moderator of our FB group and a Montessori childminder here in the UK.

The recipe can be found here.

Some more ideas:

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