Montessori inspired Apple topic: a challenging Puzzle and how I present it

We have just purchased this multi-layered puzzle from Beleduc.

This depict a growing apple from the sprout to the apple being cut on the table.

There are 4 layers and one picture at the bottom of the puzzle that you can see below.

Each layered is already numbered as the back. This is the control of error.

I display the puzzle to be completed and sort the layers ahead of presenting the puzzle to my child.

You can also add a little number sticker on each picture on the side of the puzzle, which I haven't done.

My child is 7 years old and found this puzzle quite challenging! (See video below!)

The same brand has also a Pumpkin puzzle and a strawberry plant puzzle.

To help your child, you could also add a picture of each finished layer as a model.

This puzzle was the perfect complement to our all About Apple Montessori box.

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