Best Orchard toys for a Montessori child!

Orchard toys are very popular among Montessori inspired families. 

Those games and puzzles, are educational, often illustrated with realistic pictures. They are also affordable and of high quality. Not to mention Made in UK!

We have many Orchard toys at home. You can often find them in charity shops.

So here are the ones we have enjoyed the most!

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Best Orchard puzzles

Those 2 pieces puzzles are great as first puzzles. We had the farm one, the Zoo animals one and a transport one. 

This one was the first proper puzzle I had for my daughter. It was a slightly different design. I like that it was colour-coded with a board. The number adds an extra challenge as your child can count how many animals are on each puzzle.

Best Orchard games

  • Where do I live: One that I don't have. A great one to classify animals by habit. 
  • Shopping list: the most popular of the brand. This is a perfect toy to talk about food, to learn about money and for all those pretend play game. It was a favourite in the classroom as well as a first board game for two children to learn to take turn, to learn how to win and how to loose.
  • Speedy spelling: my daughter had loved this one. It's a great one if your child has started spelling and has an understanding of letter sounds. It can also be used  without the sand timer, as a building words activity.
  • Dotty dinosaurs: we had this one for my son who was obsessed with dinosaurs. He had it when he was 2 years old. It's a nice one to start a dice game. And you can definitely use the dices in other DIY activities. 
  • Post box game: we don't have this game but it comes highly recommended. Which toddler doesn't like posting! It's a game for colour recognition mainly. I can see how you could reuse the letter boxes for further games. 
  • Landmarks lotto: I love this one as the pictures are realistic. I pair it with the Toob landmarks. 
  • Bus stop: A game for older children who can count confidently. It focuses on abstraction and subtraction.  We played with this one for a long time
  • The game of Ladybirds: my favourite as it was my daughter first board game! It implies playing with a real dice and counting up to 6. 

Do you have a favourite Orchard game? Let me know in the comment and I will add them to the list!

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