The Montessori Toddler – book review

When Simone Davies launched a Kick starter campaign a few years ago to publish her book, I was amazed.

The book looks beautiful and I have always loved reading what Simone says about toddler.

I am always inspired by her Jacarandra toddler community and her blog and advice have guided my own practice with toddlers.

More recently, I had the pleasure to interview Simone for the Montessori Parenting conference.

And of course, we talked about toddlers but also teenagers. Two different ages that have a lots in common!

Watch the interview here:

But I have a confession to make, I haven't bought her book yet!

When she was publishing it herself, it was out of stock every time I was thinking of buying it. And I will be honest, it was an investment £25 + £10 of shipping at the time.

So when she announced that her book would be soon available worldwide, I was thrilled!

You can pre-order the book in any bookshop. 

The official launch date is on the 19th of March! Here in the UK, it will be available on the 1st of April.

I cannot wait to have it in my hands to give you my opinion. 

I'm nearly 100% sure that it's an excellent book! 

Do you feel overwhelmed by your child's behaviour? Not sure how to handle tantrums? You know that Montessori is all about freedom but what about limits?

My Montessori and Gentle Discipline Course will help you to understand your child and to bring peace into your home.

Most parents I work with discover Montessori when their children reach toddler hood. When your little one wants to do everything by himself, when they start to be inquisitive, assertive and sometimes so "difficult" to handle. It's when Montessori comes in handy to give you some guidelines to understand your toddler and to have tools to guide them and to support their needs.

Meanwhile, let me share with you some sneak peeks and if you pre-order your book, you can have access to some amazing bonuses offered by Simone and her amazing illustrator.

Here what Simone Davies says about her book:

There is no doubt about it. Toddlers can be tricky. On one hand they can be lovely. On the other hand they can be really hard work. They’ll make you laugh. And they will probably bring you to tears. Or at least a high level of frustration.

I felt the same way when my children were small and I was struggling to get them to do things. I felt enormous empathy for them, but wasn’t sure what the alternative was to threatening, bribing or putting them into time out.

It’s been my mission since then to find another way. I’ve now been working in Montessori education for 15 years and love to learn from the 100+ toddlers and parents I see every week in my classroom. I am so happy to share with you what I have learned and help you understand your toddler better too.

This book is the result. Your comprehensive guide to raising toddlers in a Montessori way.

And when I say toddler, I’m talking about children around 1 to 3 years, give or take a few months.

Each section of the book is super practical and it is beautifully designed to make it even easier to read. It’s perfect if you are a busy parent, carer or even grandparent. And it doesn’t matter if you are brand new to Montessori or have been using Montessori for a while – or even if you aren’t planning to send your children to Montessori school. You can read it from cover to cover. Or just open up the book at a page that interests you and you will find something practical you can try today.

You’ll learn:

  • how to set up your home to get rid of the chaos and bring back some calm into your lives
  • the tools to work together with your child – how you can lead, guide and support them, especially when they are having a hard time
  • how to create Montessori activities at home that are just right for your toddler
  • and how to get others in your family on board

You will find answers to your questions. To see there is another more peaceful way to be with your toddler. To help you plant the seeds to raise a respectful and responsible human being. To work on a relationship with your toddler which you will be building on for years.

So are you ready to say goodbye to frustration and hello to peace and calm? It’s time for us to learn to see through our toddler’s eyes – The Montessori Toddler.

So anyone ordering before 19 March is eligible to receive these pre-order goodies:

Update - 28/03/2019 - These bonuses are not available anymore but to make sure check Simone Davies website.

  1. gorgeous routine cards with illustrations to help ease your morning and evening chaos (downloadable PDF)
  2. a calendar with inspiration from the book for the whole year (downloadable PDF)
  3. hand-drawn language cards to use with your toddler (downloadable PDF)
  4. beautiful screensavers for your desktop and phone to keep these ideas close to hand
  5. a special 7-day email series to get you started until your book arrives

How to claim your bonuses

  1. Pre-order their copy here, or at your favourite bookseller or online store.
  2. Submit your email address and receipt HERE
  3. The pre-order bonuses will be sent by email around 19 March

Have you read Simone's book? What do you think? I would love your opinion about this book so leave a comment!

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About the Author Carine Robin

Carine Robin is a a mother of 2 children. She raises them the Montessori way. Originally from Belgium where she worked as a child psychologist for several years, Carine spent 6 years in Ireland before settling in in the UK. She qualified as a Montessori teacher 10 years ago and has since worked as Montessori teacher and preschool manager. She founded Montessori-family in 2011 to provide opportunities for parents to discover Montessori. She believes that it’s truly possible to implement the Montessori ideas at home to make your house and family life welcoming to your child, her needs and her thrive for independence. She offers parents & babies classes, toddlers playgroups; Montessori home designs, one to one support, parenting classes and online courses.