Must watch Montessori Documentaries for parents and teachers

Let me share some amazing Montessori movies and interesting educational/parenting documentaries with you. 

With so many streaming platforms to choose from, parents and teachers have better access to those "gems". Some of them can be streamed on Netflix or Amazon prime and others must be purchased individually.

If you are an association or a passionate group of parents, you could also organise an "in-person" viewing.

Montessori movies:

Let the child be the guide:

In 2017, this movie was only in French: "Le maitre et l'enfant". Thanks to several Montessori associations, it has been translated in several languages.

You can download it for a few pounds.

"As a young father, watching his daughter go through her life experiences, film director Alexandre Mourot discovered the Montessori approach and decided to set his camera up in a children’s house (3 to 6 years of age) in the oldest Montessori school in France. Alexandre was warmly welcomed in a surprisingly calm and peaceful environment, filled with flowers, fruits and Montessori materials. He met happy children, who were free to move about, working alone or in small groups. The teacher remained very discreet. Some children were reading, others were making bread, doing division, laughing or sleeping".

Inside Montessori

INSIDE MONTESSORI is a documentary of short chapter videos that reframe the national education conversation toward creating learning environments that allow children to achieve their full potential. The proven, developmental and child-centered practices of Montessori education can support ALL children, regardless of background and learning style, in having the opportunities to flourish in learning and in life.

You can rent the movie for 48 hours for your personal use (it costs £9.99). It's also available as a kit if you want to screen it to a bigger audience.

Montessori Rising

With increasing debate about education, parents are looking for a better option than and outdated curriculum and standardized testing. The documentary “Montessori Rising” shines a light on how Montessori education works to create intellectually curious and independent young problem solvers.

The film includes comments from 21st century education and innovation experts including Tony WagnerSir Ken Robinson, and Dr. Steve Hughes as it examines how Montessori education prepares children to succeed in our fast paced, ever-evolving 21st Century economy.

The movie was produced in 2014.

You can only request a screening package.

Edison's day - A day in the life of a Montessori toddler

“Help me to do it by myself !” Every event in his day offers 20-month-old Edison an opportunity to live naturally, to discover the everyday tasks and activities of life in the home. Getting up in the morning, eating breakfast, going to school, having friends over, going out in nature, helping around the house, preparing dinner— Edison blossoms with his myriad of joyfully accepted responsibilities. The message is gentle; the accomplished level of what Edison can do is understated and nonthreatening to parents who are thinking about children participating in the home for the first time.

This video can be rented for 72 hours and is hosted by NAMTA.

This documentary is so sweet! I know that you can follow many toddlers featured by their parents on Instagram and YouTube. But this one shows how the parents have respected their child from the beginning. It's worth mentioning that both parents are Montessori trained and that Edison is attending a Montessori infant community.

It's such a heart-warming day in the life of a Montessori child!

Parenting and other Educational Documentaries:

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The following documentaries are not specifically Montessori. They are about a baby's development and alternative educations.

The beginning of life on Netflix

There are 6 episodes and I particularly like Episode 3 - Free to learn. 

Babies series on Netflix

There are 6 episodes. From first breath to first steps, this documentary series explores a decade of groundbreaking science that reveals the emotional and astounding story of a baby's first year of life.

Babies - the movie to watch on Amazon Prime

This has the same title but it's not the same. It is a full-length movie that follows 4 different babies in 4 contrasting parts of the world.

You can also purchase the DVD.

Etre et avoir - To be and to have

A personal favourite from 2002. A documentary I watched before I had children. It had a profound impact on me and led me, slowly but surely, to alternative education.

You can watch it (with subtitles) on Amazon Prime.

Have you watched any of those movies?

Do you have any others to recommend?

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