How to teach your child to draw

Do you know how to teach your child to draw?

When my children were toddlers and preschoolers, Art consisted mainly of letting them experimenting with art material. Process art was the way to go and still is. 

However now that they are older, I feel that they want to learn how to draw and more advanced painting techniques. 

When we lived in London, my daughter was attending an amazing art class and learned a lot. 

Since we have moved to the countryside, I couldn’t find an art class or an art teacher. 

So I was on the lookout for an online program to teach them how to draw.

Last year, we discovered Artventure. After the free trial, we took the yearly membership and we haven’t been disappointed. 

Artventure is an online Art program created by Kirsty Shadiac, who is an Australian Artist and mother of two. These online lessons are aimed primarily at primary aged children but can really be used by anyone, parents included. Children as young as 3 can enjoy the program.

Watch my review here:

My son who is 6 years old works through some of the simpler lessons (level 1) which focus on drawing and painting.

Each lesson is rated from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult) so the children can pick and choose what they feel like doing. Sometimes they might feel like doing something easy (no matter how old they are) and other times they might want a challenge.

My daughter who is 10 enjoys lessons from the level 1 and 2.

There are 336 lessons to choose from and Kirsty adds new lessons nearly every week. 

Each video comes complete with a lesson page. On the lesson page you’ll see the artwork image, links to primary curriculum, learning notes for the kids to answer/think about and artwork tips before you start. In the video, Kirsty jumps right in and shows you how to create the artwork.

First, you watch the demonstration then your child can start to draw. You can pause anytime to follow the instructions step by step.

The art supplies are pretty basic too: oil pastels,  felt pens and watercolour. I advise you to invest in good quality drawing paper.

A question that is commonly asked is “does copying artwork takes away creativity?”

Here is Kirsty’s answer:

Just like we teach our kids to read and write so they can write their own stories, Artventure teaches our kids to draw and paint so they have the skills to create more than ever before.  Everyone who uses Artventure builds their skills and confidence in art which means they’re more likely to create their own artwork

All famous artists have progressed by copying other artists first. 

There is a 48h Free trial then you can choose a 3, 6 months or yearly membership. 

Go on this link 

I also had the pleasure to interview Kirsty so watch the interview below.


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