Some Montessori Inspired Halloween activities

Do you celebrate Halloween?

Since I lived in Ireland for a few years, we became big fan of Halloween! This is my daughter's first Halloween costume! She was nearly 1 year old!

However when my children were little, under the age of 6, I was focusing on only some aspects of the celebration. We explored pumpkins and the typical animals related to the celebrations. I stirred away from the fantasy based and scary aspect of the celebration to start with.

As it was all around us, we couldn't avoid the question so I explored the topic nearly every year at home and in the classroom.

Here some of the activities we have done along the years:

We started to explore the orange colour and to explore pumpkins:

One to one correspondance: one spider in one pumpkin basket

(find similar baskets here)

Sorting by size: small and big pumpkins

Transferring with a sieve:

Cards and counters:

I personally prefer to paint the pumpkin than carving it:

This year, I made a few free printables for you to use!

More ressources:

Life cycle of the pumpkin - real pictures

Life cycle of the pumpkin - illustrations

Halloween toys and books at Yes Bebe

Life cycle of a pumpkin puzzle

Type of bats - 3 parts cards

Type of spiders - 3 parts cards

I will share the Halloween inspired books we are reading in the next blog post! So check back in a few days for some more ideas!

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