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Can we do Montessori at home if our child does not go to a Montessori school?

Children are back to school. You may wonder how to keep up with the Montessori approach If they are not going to Montessori school.Here in the UK, we do not have so many Montessori schools for children

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Montessori is not only for rich people!

Montessori is not only for the rich!If I had a penny for every time I was told that, I would be rich!In the past, Montessori was limited to a style of education, to private school and expensive trainings.

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20 + ways to use Montessori 3 parts cards

Three-part cards are a very popular material and you can find thousands of Montessori printables online!We have 2 to 4 sets of cards in each of our monthly boxes. We use those cards in a specific

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How much Montessori do you do at home?

How much "Montessori" do you do at home?⁠Is Montessori only the activities on a tray? The practical life? The Montessori "materials"?⁠⁠Montessori is a way of life and your child needs more than some

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The Montessori Iceberg metaphor

The Iceberg Metaphor applied to Montessori!⁠⁠What we show or see about Montessori: the Montessori inspired toys, the Montessori materials, the shelves, the floor bed, the 3 parts cards, the activities

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What makes an activity Montessori?

What makes an activity Montessori?⁠⁠What is the difference between a Montessori activity and any other children's activity?⁠⁠When you respect the Montessori principles, you choose activities-

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Montessori theory: What are the sensitive periods?

There are many specific terms in the Montessori education. I wrote in a previous blog post about the Absorbent mind.In today's blog post, I will explore the Sensitive periods, one of those terms used by

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8 ways to make your home Montessori friendly today!

Recently, I have joined a collaboration on Instagram about how to "make do" Montessori on a budget or even without spending money.Nowadays, Montessori at home is often associated with wooden toys and expensive

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How to prepare a Montessori topic for your child?

Many parents, homeschoolers or not, want to introduce themes but are not sure how to do so. Do you need to change the topic every week? Every month? What if your child is not interested? What if he wants

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