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What makes an activity Montessori?

Feb 8, 2021 - Montessori Philosophy - By Carine Robin

What makes an activity Montessori?

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What is the difference between a Montessori activity and any other children's activity?

When you respect the Montessori principles , you choose activities

  • that are child-led
  • that explore the 5 senses
  • that are hands-on
  • that have a control of error
  • that teach one concept at a time
  • that help your child to be independent
  • that help your child to focus

Those are, in my opinion, the main aspects to be mindful of when you create or present a Montessori inspired activity!

Montessori activities are child-led

While you may choose a topic, offer a presentation, introduce some new toys, ultimately, children will choose to work/play with it. Observe your child and based on those observations, suggest and let your child lead!

Montessori activities involve the 5 senses

Children under 6 are very attuned to their 5 senses and explore sensorially. Montessori activities are based on this sensibility.

Montessori activities are hands-on

Montessori said "The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence". Children need to manipulate in order to understand.

Montessori activities have a control of error

Within each "original" Montessori material, there is a control of error, a way for the child to check his own work. You can often add a control of error to any activity/toy you present to your child.

Montessori activities introduce one concept at the time

Each material teaches only one concept, such as length, weight, colour, or refinement of smell... With mainstream toys, you generally have many skills introduced, find ways to simplify each toy to focus on one or two skills at a time.

Montessori activities help the child to be independent

The material is presented in such a way that your child should be able to complete it by himself. The activities are presented in an orderly way, the tray/basket contains everything the child needs to complete the activity.

Montessori activities help the child to focus

As the Montessori activities are leading the child to repeat. With repetition, comes concentration.

Maria Montessori said:

The child who concentrates is immensely happy.
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