Montessori topic: London and City life! FREE 3 part cards

Today, I'm sharing with you some interesting books and materials about living in London or in urban area and I made a set of free 3 part cards about London landmarks!

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Montessori friendly books about London

A walk in London:

A girl and her mum are exploring London, visiting all the famous landmarks

a walk in London book
big picture book of London

A fabulous picture book packed with fascinating details about London's most famous sights, from Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London to Trafalgar Square and the museums in Kensington. There are pages on London's parks, transport and sporting events, and two stunning fold-out pages show all the bridges and landmarks along the River Thames.

Katie in London

katie in london

The famous Katie's series. You like it or hate it! It's not always in line with "gentle parenting" but it's well illustrated and full of info about London. 

L is for London

Vintage illustrations for this alphatical book about London.

l is london

My first book of London

Despite saying "my first book", it's more for an preschooler or early reader. Plenty of info, and quizz.

my first book of London

Charlie and the Notting Hill Carnival

This book seems to represent appropriately this iconic event of the London culture. It also includes a CD and a list of activities. 

notting hill carnival

Look inside London

Who doesn't like a lift the flap book!

see inside london

The Queen's hat

There are 4 different books in this series when you can follow the adventures of the Queen.

the queen hat

The Story of the London underground

When the first passengers climbed aboard the earliest ever underground train in 1863, it would have been impossible to imagine how the London Underground would change and grow over the next 150 years. From smelly steam trains running along a single track to the innovative electric tube system speeding through a vast network of tunnels beneath our feet today, the London Underground keeps this busy city on the move.

the story of the london underground

Part of Marion Billet's distinctive London range, perfect for tourists big and small. Turn the flip-flap pages to spot all kinds of things from a double-decker bus to corgis at Buckingham Palace and a pesky thief stealing the crown jewels!

there are 101 things to find in London

Montessori friendly books about City life

The Street beneath my feet

This double-sided foldout book takes you on a fascinating journey deep underground. One side of the foldout shows the ground beneath the city, whilst the reverse side shows the ground beneath the countryside. The underground scenes include tunnels and pipes, creatures' burrows, layers of rock and the planet’s molten core, and run seamlessly into the next. Mixing urban and rural settings, covering subjects such as geology, archaeology and natural history

Busy Cafe toddler book

With lots to see and do, in Busy Café young children can join in by pushing, pulling and turning the tabs to experience visiting a café. Pick a drink and a snack to eat, pay for your meal and find a seat!

All around Bustletown

As kids pore over these oversized spreads, they will delight in identifying the same characters on each page as they walk, play, jog, and roller skate - from homes to parks and office buildings to rail stations. In the tradition of Richard Scarry and Where's Wally, this book encourages kids to return again and again to these charming spreads, following along with the characters and inventing their own stories. All kinds of summer activities come alive in these endearing drawings that provide endless entertainment and spark engaging conversations. 

Let’s find out which toys Rosa and her friends are playing with today! An important series that celebrates inclusivity, promotes gender equality and embraces the uniqueness of every child

The extraordinary gardener

I really like this one as the boy has just moved to a new flat in a new city. And he starts develop a garden on his balcony!

Busy people - librarian

This is part of a series, although a librarian is not only found in the city, I find that we were going more often to the library when we were living in London.

One day, so many ways

Not only city life but about 40 children living in 40 different countries. 

Montessori friendly materials about London

3 parts cards about London

Download our set of 16 3 part-cards of London landmarks. We could have done a second set and if you comment with what is missing, I might just do that!

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