Montessori Friendly Toy review – Plan Toy Lacing sheep

Last year, I ran a few competitions on my Facebook group and I offered this toy to one lucky member. I like it so much that I bought a new one for my playgroup.

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It is made by PlanToys. PlanToys mainly focuses on safety wooden toys made of reclaimed rubber woods that enhance development for children.

I first see this toy being recommended by Nicole at the Kavanaugh Report.

And I thought that indeed it was a Montessori Friendly toy.

It is made of wood and can be presented in different ways, from less challenging to more challenging. It is a lacing toy and the colour inside of each circle acts as a control of error to build back the sheep. 

It is recommended for age 3+ but a younger child can manage most of the steps with support. Observe your child and if he is frustrated when he build it, he might not be ready for the challenge.

You could also lace the middle circle on a lacing string. Or you can use the colour circles for a matching game. 

See here a little video review of the toy.

Find the toy here

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