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Montessori Parenting: do we need to teach our child to share?

We often hear that “sharing is caring”.Do we have to teach our children to share?What is the Montessori point of view about sharing?Here is what Maria Montessori wrote In The Secret of Childhood:“He

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Montessori in the Kitchen: 5 healthy snacks that your kids can do on their own

Today, I’m sharing 5 healthy snacks that your children can do, without any adult’s help. As long as they already master each step and that they have access to all the ingredients, your children

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Montessori in the kitchen – 40 ideas for toddlers

What kind of activities can a child do in the kitchen? You may have observed that your little one is keen to participate while you cook or prepare food. But what is he able to do? My children have always

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Settle your child into nursery and how to handle the separation anxiety

As a Montessori teacher, I helped parents and children during the time of settling in a new nursery. When I give baby and toddler classes, it’s one of the main questions and worry: how to help my child

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Montessori friendly puzzles and how to progress from one to another

Puzzles were my daughter’s favourites toys when she was little. From the moment she discovered her first peg jigsaw at 1 year old to around the age of 4, she spent long periods of time every day completing

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