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Is the Montessori floor bed the solution to your baby’s sleep issues?

What are the pros and cons of adopting a Montessori Floor bed?Most parents interested in Montessori will consider having a Montessori floor bed as essential.A floor bed is not as fancy as you may think.

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Montessori tips: how to get your child to brush their teeth

As soon as your baby has a tooth, it’s important to start brushing teeth to provide the foundation for a healthy mouth. It is also recommended to keep helping your child brush their teeth until they

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Montessori toddlers groups in the UK

Do you have a toddler or a baby? Would you like to join a community of like-minded parents and be guided by a Montessori teacher? So join one of the Montessori infant class in your area.Prior to the pandemic,

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Montessori topic: Valentine activities + freebie

Valentine's day is around the corner. The shops are full of pink, red, roses and heart shapes. While I am not big on celebrating Valentine's day with my other half, I take this opportunity to introduce

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50 Montessori ideas for the vehicle-obsessed child!

Are your bored to play vehicles with your child? Are you wondering if he will ever show an interest for something else? In this blog post, I will reassure you and giving you 50 Montessori ideas for your

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Montessori toddlers: what is Maximum effort and 20 ideas to try!

Have you observed your toddler trying to carry objects that are bigger than him? This is what Maria Montessori called the need for maximum effort!Maria Montessori observed that children, soon after they

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Do toddlers need “Montessori” shelf work?

Do you have a toddler who ignores the Montessori friendly work and activities you have set up on his shelf?Let me tell you that it is normal!The concept of the Montessori shelf comes from the Montessori

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Elimination communication or toilet learning without a diaper

Today, I have the pleasure to share this interview with Kate Jacoba Arnold, an Elimination communication coach, based in Holland. More info about her coaching here. And her facebook group here.Elimination

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Montessori parenting: ideas for the child who likes to throw!

One of the most common questions in my Gentle Discipline course is this one:“How do you stop a child from throwing food from his highchair?”Throwing is a powerful need for young toddlers.Toddlers

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