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Montessori friendly books – Woodland

The topic of the Montessori box this month is all about Woodland animals. So let me share with you a few ressources around that topic!Discover the Montessori Family subscription boxA monthly box of Montessori

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Don’t do those 3 Montessori mistakes!

3 Common mistakes parents make when implementing MontessoriIf you are new to Montessori, you might be doing those “mistakes”.Montessori has become very popular and has become synonymous with many trends

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Montessori friendly books – Apple topic

This September, the Montessori family box is all about the Apples. Let me recommend you 10 Montessori friendly books about apples. Discover the Montessori Family subscription boxA monthly box of

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Best Orchard toys for a Montessori child!

Orchard toys are very popular among Montessori inspired families. Those games and puzzles, are educational, often illustrated with realistic pictures. They are also affordable and of high quality.

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50 Montessori ideas for the vehicle-obsessed child!

Are your bored to play vehicles with your child? Are you wondering if he will ever show an interest for something else? In this blog post, I will reassure you and giving you 50 Montessori ideas for your

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Montessori favourites at IKEA 2021

Ikea is well-known for being a favourite shop to source Montessori friendly furniture and products. They update their catalogue at least once a year. Here are my 21 picks for a Montessori home:Furniture: Bergig:

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All the Montessori Freebies in one place!

Over the years, I have released many Montessori freebies. And I'm happy to offer you more!For ease, I will update this web page with the direct link to download each freebie. You need to join our

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Let’s talk Montessori materials!

When discovering Montessori education, one of the first aspect you might come across are the specific Montessori materials.There are no other alternative educational methods that has such a complete set

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New Montessori book for parents!

Tim Seldin, my favourite Montessori author, has published a new book. And I'm in it!When I discovered Montessori 13 years ago, I first read Tim Seldin's book "How to raise an amazing child". It was instrumental

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