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Montessori Friendly Gifts for older children

The majority of my readers have children under the age of 6.My own children are now 7 and nearly 12. And some of you have requested ideas for older children so here are some suggestions.Those gifts are

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Gifts for the child who goes to a Montessori school

Many parents with children in Montessori schools consider purchasing Montessori materials for holiday or birthday gifts.  ​Often, parents are surprised that Montessori teachers don't recommend to

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Montessori Friendly toy’s list for toddlers

This blog post has been requested so many times!So I am sharing with you the most popular toys in my playgroup or those that were well used by my children.I have a list of baby toys here.This one will

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Ask me your Montessori questions!

For a while now, I have started a new series on Instagram where I answer your most common asked questions.I will update this blog post as I progress through all your questions. Some of your questions have

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Montessori friendly advent calendars

Do you use an advent calendar in your house?For the last 3 years, we have done an activity advent calendar.I bought a fabric advent calendar, I believe from Lidl. And I made some activity cards that I

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Montessori friendly Halloween Books

Halloween is a festival that is heavily fantasy based.If, like me, you want to avoid the scary aspect and the fantasy based elements, then have a look at those Montessori friendly books.In the classroom,

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Some Montessori Inspired Halloween activities

Do you celebrate Halloween?Since I lived in Ireland for a few years, we became big fan of Halloween! This is my daughter's first Halloween costume! She was nearly 1 year old!However when my children were

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Montessori inspired Apple topic: a challenging Puzzle and how I present it

We have just purchased this multi-layered puzzle from Beleduc.This depict a growing apple from the sprout to the apple being cut on the table.There are 4 layers and one picture at the bottom of the puzzle

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