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Some Montessori Inspired Halloween activities

Do you celebrate Halloween?Since I lived in Ireland for a few years, we became big fan of Halloween! This is my daughter's first Halloween costume! She was nearly 1 year old!However when my children were

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Montessori inspired Apple topic: a challenging Puzzle and how I present it

We have just purchased this multi-layered puzzle from Beleduc.This depict a growing apple from the sprout to the apple being cut on the table.There are 4 layers and one picture at the bottom of the puzzle

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Potty training or Toilet learning the Montessori way

Is your child ready to potty train? Are you wondering how to start, when to start and basically what to do?Read below or watch the video: (don't forget to download your step by step Montessori

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5 tips to make your Montessori Home beautiful

For twenty six weeks, every Monday, I will share with you a specific Montessori idea or concept, from A to Z. I share your MontessoriAbc on Instagram as well. Check here what every other Montessori accounts

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How to observe your child the Montessori way + free handout

How to observe your child with the Montessori methodWhat toys can I give my baby? What activities are suitable for my 2 year old? These are questions I often get asked in my Facebook group or by parents

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Montessori theory – What is the Absorbent mind?

The absorbent mind"….the tiny child’s absorbent mind finds all its nutriment in its surroundings.  Here it has to locate itself, and build itself up from what it takes in.  Especially at

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Montessori schools around the world: Garden City Montessori

I have a series on this blog about Montessori schools. I interview school owners from all around the world. Although, for now, they are all based in the UK!How to choose a Montessori school is such

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Why Montessori schools teach cursive writing?

Why Montessori schools teach cursiveMontessori schools teach cursive writing whereas most mainstream schools do not consistently do this. So today, I am going to take a look at the benefits of teaching

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