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Montessori Summer activity ideas

The Summer is here! It's the school holidays and we are in the middle of a heatwave.It's time to share some Montessori inspired ideas to get you through this Summer.The list includes some typical Montessori

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How to present a Montessori activity?

Are you wondering how to present specific Montessori activities to your child? Is there a perfect way to introduce a new material?A big part of my training was about "how to present each activity and material".

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My biggest Montessori learning curve

What is your biggest Montessori learning curve?Why do we start Montessori and what do we learn along the way...⁠⁠⁠I don't think there are any wrong reasons to start applying Montessori at home. We

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Montessori activities outdoors and in nature

Let me share with you 10 tips for Montessori activities outdoors and in nature.There is no description, no image in any book that is capable of replacing the sight of real trees, and all the life to be

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One off boxes & past boxes

Here you can find our past boxesFrom time to time, we have some past boxes to sell as one-off. The best way to grab one of the boxes when I have them is to join our newsletter.Those boxes are only

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Montessori ideas: Start with Practical life!

Have you been told, "Start with Practical life"? So what do we mean by practical life?⁠What is Practical life?⁠It's just a fancy way to say "involve your children" in your daily tasks.Practical life

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Montessori tips: How to talk about environmental concerns to your child?

How to talk about environmental concerns to your children?⁠As a Montessori teacher & child psychologist, I am very cautious about how to talk about difficult events to young children.⁠Generally,

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You can be a Montessori family and you can still…

You can be a Montessori Family and still- allow some screen time: it's all about the balance, and try to keep the screen time as a moment of interaction and connection, a time when you stay close or give

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Meet a Montessori Family – Montessori with toddler

Today, in my series Meet a Montessori-family, let me introduce you to Dagmara from  @montessori_with_toddler. Dagmara is Benjamin's mum and shows their Montessori inspired lifestyle and

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