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The ultimate guide to Montessori Geography

Are you wondering how to teach geography to your children? In Montessori education, we have many geography lessons and we introduce children to the beauty of the world from early on. Here are some

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Montessori toddlers groups in the UK

Do you have a toddler or a baby? Would you like to join a community of like-minded parents and be guided by a Montessori teacher? So join one of the Montessori infant class in your area.Prior to the pandemic,

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Tips to homeschool the Montessori way!

Are you planning to homeschool your children? Maybe, until now, you have been interested in the Montessori principles, you are all for giving freedom, respecting your child, giving choices and following

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What are the benefits of Montessori subscription boxes?

Educational boxes for children are very popular. You can find so many kinds of monthly subscriptions, from children's magazine, to craft boxes or baking boxes.And of course, there is our Montessori aligned

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Montessori box activity: Bread in a bag

This month, the Montessori Family box topic is all about the farm!In addition of learning about the animals and their youths in this box, we are exploring the journey from wheat to bread.So let's make

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Can you do Montessori with a baby?

"Can I start Montessori with my baby?"Yes, you can. With a baby, you lay the foundations for all the years ahead.⁠Although Maria Montessori started with children aged 3 to 6, she soon showed an interest

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Reasons Montessori Method Give Your Kid Confidence for Life

Today, I'm delighted to welcome Andrea Gibbs from the Montessori Academy for our guest post about "confidence".Montessori has been implemented in various schools, orphanages, and homes for decades. The

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Montessori Parenting: What to say instead of “Say sorry”

Do you find yourself asking your child to say "Sorry" if they have done something wrong, such as hurting another child or break something?It's easy for a child to parrot "sorry" when you ask them. They

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20 Montessori-friendly children books about love

This curated collection of picture books features how to say I love you, how to show our love and books about what and how our heart feels. You can read about love, kindness, hugs and kisses any time

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