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Montessori Parenting one to one session

You know about Montessori already and you would like practical ideas about how to follow the principles at home.

Or maybe you are overwhelmed by the amount of toys you have, your children are not playing, they complain that they are bored or cannot do anything without your input. You might have some concerned about your baby’s sleep or your toddler’s behaviour.

I can guide you on your parenting journey in a one to one session. From setting up a Montessori inspired house through dealing with common parenting issues, I will be there to support you and to help you to understand your child.

  • Local, at home service available in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and some areas in London. Travel expenses may apply. Cost: £90 for a 3 hours session in the comfort of your own home. The session will include a detailed report with suggestions and strategies and one week email support to answer any remaining questions.
  • I can offer this service through Skype (or alternatives such as Whatsapp video call or Messenger video call). Cost: £60 for the 1 hour session with one week email support and detailed report.

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Our journey with Carine, it has been going for a long time. Since I took my now 5 years old to her Montessori playgroup and I got hooked on the Montessori way of things! Now more recently, Carine has been helping us to adapt the school dynamics to a more Montessori way and I can see already the benefits in a short time. I also had some advice on sleeping for my second girl and she has always been practical and respectful of the individual child and choices we made. Thank you for all the support!

Hazel Gomez

I first met Carine when she did a group consultation workshop at my home with my sister and a couple of my friends. We were very new to Montessori and needed someone to explain the basic principles and Carine did just that and more in a clear but detailed way.

She answered our many questions, lots of which were about using Montessori to support our children with sen and young babies. She gave us some great ideas in this respect as well as for the other age ranges of children we have, which at the time were 6mths – 12 years old.

It was really helpful seeing the huge array of Montessori materials that Carine brought with her and how they could be used and presented. It was also really helpful understanding how we could ‘live’ Montessori in our homes and how we could make the various rooms in our home child friendly.

I’d highly recommend the home consultations as we all learnt so much, and have all gone on to make lots of positive changes in our homes as a result.

The highly detailed information email that accompanied the consultation has also been really helpful to refer back to.

The consultation workshop was fantastic value for money, very interesting, inspiring and extremely helpful. The only problem is I never seem to have enough baskets!! My husband is always quipping “do you need a basket for that!”

Shelley Ellin, 2 children aged 1 1/2 and 12

About the Author Carine Robin

Carine Robin is a a mother of 2 children. She raises them the Montessori way. Originally from Belgium where she worked as a child psychologist for several years, Carine spent 6 years in Ireland before settling in in the UK. She qualified as a Montessori teacher 10 years ago and has since worked as Montessori teacher and preschool manager. She founded Montessori-family in 2011 to provide opportunities for parents to discover Montessori. She believes that it’s truly possible to implement the Montessori ideas at home to make your house and family life welcoming to your child, her needs and her thrive for independence. She offers parents & babies classes, toddlers playgroups; Montessori home designs, one to one support, parenting classes and online courses.