Montessori Parenting Conference

We need a village to raise a child – African proverb

I invite you to our Montessori village!


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The conference is now over and we had an amazing time talking and sharing with parents.

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Being a parent was never supposed to be a one person job. 

We need support, we need to be supported by those who have been through the same challenges.

We are not born parents. We cannot rely on instincts alone.

Nowadays, we have so much information about the child’s development that we ought to our children to inform ourselves.

We can learn from others and support each other.

I am obviously passionate about sharing my Montessori knowledge. I also love to connect with other parents and with other Montessori teachers and parenting experts.

This is why I am so pleased to bring you the Montessori Parenting Online conference!

This is a FREE week of talks with amazing guests from all around the world!

It will be hosted within a private FB group from the 21st to the 27th of January. I will share the videos on Youtube if you are not on FB.

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(You will receive a weekly newsletter with info about this website, Montessori and my offering, you can unsubscribe at any time)

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I will discuss with our amazing guests about the following topics:

  • Montessori from birth
  • Montessori Homeschooling
  • Montessori discipline
  • Montessori when your child is a teenager
  • Montessori for the Elementary years

I will offer you an introduction to:

  • Maria Montessori, a biography
  • What is the Montessori education
  • How to start at home

I and our guests will be happy to answer your Montessori questions.

The Montessori community is working together to raise the next generation of peacemakers and most empathic humanity.

You are your child first teacher and we are delighted to support you on your Montessori Parenting Journey.

The child is both a hope and a promise for Mankind 

Peace is what every human being is craving for and it can be brought about by humanity through the child

Maria Montessori

Simone Davies from the Montessori Notebook

Simone is a Montessori teacher and mother of 2 children who have attended Montessori right up through primary school. She trained through the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

She has been working in Montessori education for nearly 15 years and I’m passionate about working with both children and their parents. In Amsterdam, she runs parent-child classes at Jacaranda Tree Montessori.  She works  1-on-1 with families to answer their questions and help them get ideas to set up their homes too.

She is also the author of the Montessori toddler book.

Watch her interview for the conference here!


Aubrey Hargis from Child of the Redwood, founder and Admin of Montessori 101

Aubrey Hargis, M.Ed. is a parent coach and educational consultant best known for her empathetic approach and appreciation for the magic of childhood.

She is the author of two parenting books: Baby’s First Year Milestones and Toddler Discipline for Every Age and Stage.

As a life-long Montessori advocate and certified former classroom guide, her passion has always been to bring Montessori into the mainstream.

As the founder of the Child Development Institute of the Redwoods, she creates online courses and coaches parents in compassionate discipline techniques and Montessori education. Aubrey lives with her husband and two children under a blanket of San Francisco fog, where the coastal cliffs and nearby redwood trails are always beckoning for another adventure. Visit her online at

Jeanne-Marie Paynel from Voila Montessori

A parent of two children, Jeanne-Marie launched Voila Montessori in response to the overwhelming demand from parents for advice and guidance for raising children in a gentle, peaceful, and supportive environment that’s conducive to their full development – psychological, academic, artistic, spiritual, physical, cultural, etc.

Families who work with Jeanne-Marie reap the benefit of her two AMI Montessori certifications covering childhood development from birth through age 6, extensive classroom experience, and first-hand parenting knowledge. Jeanne-Marie describes herself as “genuine, passionate, and straightforward”. She’s honest and direct because she realizes that clear and precise information is what will help parents cut through the overwhelming amount of advice that engulfs them.

Her mission is to help parents appreciate the true importance of their role – not as servants or teachers, but as supporters and guides of their children’s natural development.

“Montessori is not the only truth,” Jeanne-Marie explains. “but I do believe in the Montessori philosophy as a way of life and know from first-hand experience that it can work for any family that takes the time to understand it and apply it.” 

Learn more at Voila Montessori

Sarah Adams from the Prepared environment

The Montessori philosophy has played a major role in my life.  My parents enrolled me in Montessori preschool at age 3 and I continued in a Montessori school until Grade 7. I completed my AMS Elementary I-II Credentials (2007) and a Montessori Approach to Education Post Baccalaureate Diploma at SFU (2008).  I have been teaching in a Public Montessori school since 2006.

When I had my daughter in 2016, I was so excited to use what I learned about Montessori and implement that philosophy in our home.  I wasn’t expecting such a learning curve.  I felt so overwhelmed.  There were so many things to think about and all I could really focus on was trying to keep her alive and getting sleep whenever I could!  I just wanted answers and quickly.  Whenever I thought I had a handle on things, she changed.  I wished there was some magical fairy godmother who could come and help (and who would help me to do it myself…that’s the Montessori child in me).

After I got out of the “newborn baby fog,” I started researching and making a plan.  I was determined to help others not feel the way I did.  I took a few courses geared towards younger children and completed a professional organization course.  I am still learning along the way, but feel so much more prepared.

I want to help other parents by eliminating some of the guess work giving guidance on how to prepare the home so it is a space that is beautiful, organized and supports the developmental needs of each child…this is what Montessori called the “Prepared Environment.”

Learn more at the Prepared Environment.


Watch her interview for the conference here.

Eloise Rickman from Friday be Mighty

Eloise has a background in anthropology and politics. She changed her career after the birth of her child, Frida. She trained and worked as an antenatal teacher and doula. She is now a peaceful parenting coach while home educating her 3 years old daughter in London.

She believes that peaceful parenting can be a truly radical act. More than that, she believes that changing the way we raise children is our only hope if we want a fairer and more just society. The way in which we raise our children can have a profound positive impact on our families, our communities, and our world. Peaceful parenting may be a quiet revolution, taking place in playgrounds rather than protests, but she has no doubt that it is a powerful one.

Learn more at Frida Be Mighty.

Watch her interview here

Pamela Green from Ananda Montessori


Pamela Green is a Montessori credentialed teacher in preschool, and Lower and Upper Elementary. She has been teaching and serving as Head of School for over 30 years, and currently owns Ananda Montessori, which is a Montessori Parent-Infant and Child program, serving families from pregnancy through age six. Parents attend class and learn Montessori principles and parenting, under the guidance of Pamela. In addition, she has been facilitating Montessori parent education classes, groups, and workshops since 1990. Her services also include Pre-birth education, and work as a birth doula and assistant midwife. She is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and a Montessori mentor and consultant to Administrators, schools, teachers, and parents worldwide, as well offering Montessori teacher online courses.

Learn more at Ananda Montessori.

Check also her current courses for teachers.

Watch her interview here

Jasmine Ong from 3 minutes Montessori

“Jasmine is a mother of two who lives in Singapore and runs Three Minute Montessori, which shares tips for parents to implement Montessori in the home in an authentic way that doesn’t cost a lot or duplicate a classroom. She is AMI-certified as an Assistant for 3-6 and 6-12 from Maria Montessori Institute, London. (Andrew, her husband, is also AMI-certified for 6-12.) Jasmine is a qualified high school teacher who also has a cert in Interior Design from Central Saint Martin’s. She combines these passions to conduct workshops and home tours for parents.”
@3mm.montessori on Instagram.

Isabel Arango from Unozweitutu

Isabel is the mother of two little girls. Her eldest attends a Montessori school. Isabel is raising her children trilingual: Spanish, English and German. She creates beautiful printable material and complements her daughter’s education at home.

Learn more at Uno Zwei Tutu.


Hannah Baynam, Montessori trainer at Montessori Centre International

Hannah Baynham has a BA in Sociology and received her International Montessori Diploma at MCI in 2009. She has worked in kindergartens and Montessori schools in India and Hong Kong and started a parent cooperative Montessori school in Istanbul which she ran for four years. She also was able to help promote Montessori in Turkey through teacher workshops for low income nurseries and early childhood education students. Her first book ‘Following the Child’ was translated and published in Turkish in 2015.

She joined MCI in August 2017 as a curriculum lecturer and is happy to be back with the people and the place where her Montessori journey began.

Learn more about Hannah here

Sonia Quinn from Red Door Montessori Childcare

Sonia is a qualified Montessori teacher based in London. After setting up her own Montessori setting and running it for many years, she is now a Montessori childminder and passionate about training other childminders. 

Find out more at Red door Childminding.

Watch the interview of Sonia here

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About the Author Carine Robin

Carine Robin has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, specialising in child psychology. She worked for various social services in her home country of Belgium, before moving to Ireland in 2006. It was there that she started working in a nursery and discovered Montessori education. After having her first child, her passion for the philosophy grew and she qualified as a Montessori teacher and managed a preschool. Carine has been running a Montessori based parents and toddler group and coaching families for 9 years. She now also runs an online group for over 14000 parents, sharing her knowledge and passion with people from around the world. In 2018, Carine realised families needed more support and launched her popular online parenting courses and monthly subscription boxes, full of personally designed Montessori materials.