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As my children are 6 and 10, they now use our own kitchen proficiently. While I still have a drawer for their most used items, and our crockery is also in a low cupboard, they don’t have a specific food preparation area or a cute water dispenser.

So I’m sharing with you some good ideas from Instagram:

I love how the water dispenser is on a basket and a tray, allowing the child to pour the water easily in his cup.
From Kindling kids:

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A DIY washstation with a chair! It seems simple enough to do.
From Emily the Doula:

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I think every Montessori Parent has hacked the Ikea kitchen!
From Vegan Majen:

A simple snack table from Soleta Carballo

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A children’s area in the kitchen. Look at the hooks on the fridge for the aprons! If you rent and cannot screw in the wall, it’s a very clever idea from Baytzuhr:

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All images are embedded via Instagram, please pay a visit to all those great Instagram accounts and give them a like!

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