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Based on neuroscience, on evidence-based gentle methods, and on Montessori. 

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When we expect a child, we focus on the birth and the practicalities of having a baby. We receive very little info about sleep.

Have you been told: "is your baby a good baby?", "is she sleeping through now?"

Have you wondered if you were doing something wrong? If you should stop breastfeeding, switch to a formula, or introduce solids? 

Have you tried to let him cry and couldn't cope with sleep training?

Are you wondering if they are ready to sleep more, to sleep on their own, or if after all, cosleeping or staying until your child is asleep is the right way?

Are you confused with conflicting advice from family and friends?

Are you struggling to be on the same page with your partner?

Why are we still being taught outdated sleeping training methods that are based on old knowledge of child development?

If you’re looking to help your little one build a happy, healthy relationship with sleep…

If you’re looking to improve your baby’s sleep WITHOUT cry it out solution.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and you’re starting to wonder if society’s got it wrong, not you…

It’s time to join my Gentle sleep workshop. a guided, evidence based, attachment focused sleep course.


The course that will empower you to make informed, confident decisions, to support your child's sleep in the way that feels right for your unique family.

This course is for you if:

  • You are pregnant and want to learn more about "normal" baby sleep and what to expect from your baby and toddler sleep
  • You have a baby or a toddler under 3 and want to learn about everything there is to know about sleep
  • You want to instill a respectful sleeping routine from the start or need help to start one..
  • You are exhausted and want to find ways to improve everyone sleep while being respectful of your baby and toddler development
  • You don’t feel comfortable with strict sleep training methods. You wonder if letting a child crying to sleep is safe.
  • You are not sure if your child has a sleep problem or if it's "normal" for their age and development.
  • You may know about Montessori and wonder what is the Montessori way to help babies and children to sleep (you don't need to be inspired by Montessori to do this course)
  • You and your partner want to get on the same page about how to raise your children - both parents enroll for the price of one!
  • You want a supportive, non-judgmental, guilt-free community of like-minded parents. Our tribe will help you feel more confident and peaceful as a parent!

Who am I?

My name is Carine Robin.

I am a Child psychologist, a Montessori teacher and a yoga teacher for children.

I own a masters in psychology with a major in child psychology. I worked as a child psychologist in Belgium, my country of origin, for several years. I ran my private counselling practice and I worked for various social services, including a foster care agency.

In 2006 I left Belgium for Ireland where I worked in a daycare nursery. While on this job, I discovered the Montessori education.

I developed a passion for Montessori. I later decided to train as a Montessori teacher. I gained my diploma in 2009.

I worked as a Montessori teacher for 2 years in Ireland, before leaving for the United Kingdom where I currently reside.

After moving to the UK, I was able to secure a job as the manager and Montessori lead teacher for two years in a Montessori preschool.

I have been running my own parents and toddlers Montessori community for 8 years.

Apart from being a Montessori teacher and child psychologist, I am also a Yoga teacher for children.

And, most of all, I’m a mother of 2!

Sleep was my biggest concern with my first child. She was not a good sleeper or so I thought! Actually, I had no idea what I was doing so I felt that I was creating issues and that I had to sleep train her. People were recommending me "cry it out" which I couldn't bear to do. I tried several times and felt so deflated. 

I started to research about sleep and the more I researched, the more I felt confident that my child didn't have a sleep issue. 

I started gaining confidence. I was ready for my second one who didn't slept through either in the beginning (like all babies) but then, we find our rhythm and the whole family was having the sleep they needed!

On and off for the last 10 years, families have asked for my support regarding sleep. Most of my one-to-one coaching sessions are about sleep.

I trained with BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm under the supervision of Sarah Ockwell-Smith while she was the director of the company.

I went onto launching my own services and online courses when she left the company as I wanted to combine my psychology background and Montessori knowledge.

I also trained with AMI (Association Montessori International) as an assistant to the infant community in order to gain specific Montessori knowledge about babies.


Last year, I also trained with BASIS. Basis is a project of the Durham Infancy and Sleep Centre (DISC), in the Department of Anthropology at Durham University, UK.

The online workshop is based on the in-person sleep workshops that I have been running locally since 2014.

My parenting journey

When I became a mother 14 years ago, like most first-time parents, I focused on giving birth and breastfeeding. I was not given any information about sleep.

I was an expat in Ireland with no family support.

I and my husband were learning on the go.

In the early months, we followed my daughter's lead. She was not sleeping through but as she was falling asleep easily after a feed, I was happy enough to settle her back several times at night breastfeeding her.

When she became too small for her Moses basket, I transferred her to her cot bed, in our room.

She started having difficulty falling back asleep, even after a feed.

I started asking questions around me, and mothers, at the parents and baby groups, were suggesting to let her cry out. They were suggesting to try her on the bottle. I didn't want to.
I also went back to my home country for two months at that time and my family was questioning the fact that she was not sleeping by herself or without my support.

I had no idea what normal baby sleep was so I started to panic, thinking that I was making a rod for my own back. I weaned her on solids at around 6 months and her sleep became even more erratic. Every few days, I was trying to let her cry for 5 to 10 minutes then felt so guilty that I was bringing her in our bed, which she was able to settle back to sleep more easily.

With her, I was inexperienced and could not identify her cues.  I was constantly going back and forth between bed sharing and cuddling her to sleep and trying to let her sleep on her own. 

I was feeding on demand and breastfeeding became the solution to everything.

Even when she was not falling asleep on the breast, I would insist again instead of observing her and see if she could lay down calmly next to me and then fall asleep.

I had become dependent on my initial way to make her sleep and was worried to move away from it.

In retrospect, I know that she did show me that she was ready to stay on her floor bed or ready to cope for a few hours without me. 

And that would have helped me on the long run.

With my son, I was better at observing him and he had more tools at his disposal to feel comfortable on the floor bed with or without me. Although we co-slept for a few years and he was nursed to sleep most of the time the first 2 years, he was also able to stay asleep for longer periods, he was able to fall asleep with a rub on the back or while listening to a story. When he was 3 years old, he asked for his own bed knowing that I would not be able to sleep in it. It was a more peaceful transition to independent sleep. 

The difference between the two situations is that, by the time I had my son, I had researched much more about sleep. I was more confident and I was ready to set up a sleeping routine from the start. I trust that my baby needed me and would move onto the next stage with the right amount of support from me. 

My aim is to empower as many parents as possible to understand their child sleep and to be able to respond to their child's needs in term of sleep.

Start the Gentle Sleep Course today!

Get access to the course and join our tribe of like-minded, non-judgmental parents.

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"Carine has helped me a lot to improve my parenting which has really make a difference to family life and my child's development

"I have attended Montessori discipline course which helped me a lot to understand my child , to respond in challenging situations and even prevent them. Also Carine has supported us to improve our house and make it more child centred in order to help my son's independence. I highly recommend her."

Anthea S.

Parenting is a journey and we learn everyday.

That’s why, when you buy my course, you have a lifetime access to our Facebook group. You can come back at any time and get support from our friendly community. You will benefit from the course every time I run it, every 2 to 3 months, with support in between.

The Gentle Sleep course

The next course will run from the 4th of April.

The course runs for 4 weeks of live teaching and Q&A, and live guided support.

The course is hosted on this website and you can join a dedicated Private Facebook group (optional).

This means that you will benefit from the group support and my guidance every time a new group is starting, every 2 to 3 months. 

Each week, you will have access to easy to follow recorded videos with script to follow easily.

There will be weekly live Q&A. You can watch the replays for the time of the course, and you can ask your questions anytime.

Alongside each video, you will receive a PDF guide and workbook to download. This will help you remember the concepts, tips, and activities explored during the course.

I will encourage you with activities and homework.

You will also be able to share your own individual challenges. 

The private Facebook group provides a supportive space for an ongoing community discussion with like-minded parents.

When you purchase my course, you have a lifetime access to the Facebook group!

And you also get a lifetime access to the course, including any changes I make.

You will definitely enjoy the group and you will be happy that you joined this community.

My private Facebook group is there to create a supportivenon-judgmental community, where you feel safe to learn and become the best parent you can be.

What you will learn:

  • All about your normal baby and child's sleep: a biological and evolutionary perspective.
  • How we were handling sleep in history.
  • How babies and children sleep around the world
  • What Maria Montessori said about sleep, Myths about Montessori and sleep and all about the floor bed.
  • Understand your baby cues: recognise when your baby is tired, over tired and how they communicate through crying.How to prevent the most common issues.
  • Impact of breastfeeding and formula feeding on sleep patterns (I am 100% respectful of whatever way you feed your baby)
  • Understand bedsharing and cosleeping and how to do it safely if you wish to do so.
  • What is self-soothing and do we need to teach our children to fall asleep by themselves
  • All about modern sleep training methods: the pros and cons and we will discuss if there is a "danger" to sleep train
  • How to work on your child's environment to improve overall sleep
  • What to expect at each stage and specific tips for every age
  • How to start or tweak your baby or child's sleeping routine to improve sleep
  • How to reframe your mindset, your expectations and find ways to cope with your normal baby and child's sleep
  • Gentle step by step methods to remove a sleeping aid and to encourage more sleeping time with less of your input
  • Specific ways to help your toddlers

How the course works:

  • The course is made of videos lessons with written script to follow easily. .
  • The content is divided in 4 weeks: understanding your baby sleep, exploring the modern sleeping methods, preventing sleep issues then solutions.
  • Each week, we will have a Zoom call for all your questions about the lessons shared that week.
  • In addition, you can join the FB group for more ongoing support and to connect with the other members.
  • You will receive a specific weekly pdf and workbook to access the information in a written format
  • You have lifelong access and can rejoin the Live calls every time I run this course. 

"Carine's advice in our 1-1 session was so valuable to my family

Carine's advice in our 1-1 session was so valuable to my family - she helped me understand my children better and her guidance was very clear - i felt immediately motivated and noticed changes right away. very positive 🙂 Shes also so lovely and understanding. id highly recommend

Marina A.

Start the Gentle Sleep Course today

Get access to the course and join our tribe of like-minded, non-judgmental parents.

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Can I take this course if I live outside the UK?

Yes! This group is globally friendly. If you cannot attend the Zoom live session, every video is available for replay within 48 hours.

I've had people from more than 10 countries taking my courses.  

I don't know anything about Montessori, does it matter?

You don't need to be interested in Montessori to take this course.

The Montessori lesson covers how sleep is perceived in the Montessori community, what Montessori said about sleep and everything you need to know about the floor bed. As I am a Montessori teacher, many parents I work with are interested by that aspect of Montessori. The floor bed is a great alternative to the cot bed and many parents, regardless of their interest for Montessori, adopt that style of bed. 

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

There will be 3 short videos of 10 to 20 minutes to watch each week + a Q&A live session.

I will also encourage you to carry on some practical tasks and to try the tools and strategies explored in the course.

Since I will be there to guide you Live, I will ask you to dedicate some time each week to the course. 

Your relationship with your children is precious. The early years can be chaotic and overwhelming.

I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I take this course?

Yes, from September, the course will be available to take at your own pace and can be accessed on this website.

I have chosen to keep a Facebook group in addition to the e-course. 

I decided to use this platform as it allows for an easy interaction with all members of the group. It also allows me to broadcast live videos which members can follow up in real time.

I still don’t offer a standalone sleep e-course as I want to be there to guide you. There will be a weekly Live Q&A through Zoom (you can access it with your phone or computer). I will be available to answer your questions while you are taking this course.

A course that helps you with sleep, must be offered, in my opinion, within a safe space and moderated by a guide (aka myself).
Some members have created a new private Facebook profile just for the sole purpose of this course.

The Live Q&A held on Zoom and will be uploaded in the member's area of this website. 

I don’t have a Paypal account. Can I still pay for the course?

Yes!  We use Subbly that allows you to pay by card or with PayPal. If you pay through the international option, you don’t need to set up a Paypal account to checkout through Paypal. If you still experience difficulties, please contact me and I will arrange an alternative payment method.

I cannot afford the course. Do you offer any discount?

I make sure my courses are affordable for the majority of parents. I understand that affordability will be understood differently by some parents.

Some parents might not be able to participate due to their level of income.

You can pay a reduced amount. Just contact me to discuss your situation and I will be happy to offer you a more affordable option. 

Please contact me for further details.

So far, I have only received positive feedback for this course. Please check the testimonials below! I am convinced that this course will provide you with valuable information and support.

For the first time, I am offering a 7 days money back guarantee. From the moment we have started the course, you have 7 days to try it. If you are not satisfied, email me and I will refund you, no questions asked.


"I've benefited from one-to-one coaching with Carine as well as her online group work"

Carine is highly professional, warm and practical in her work. She is very supportive and also has a great sense or humour. If you're looking for some help, don't hesitate.

Christine G.

"Carine has helped me a lot to improve my parenting which has really make a difference to family life and my child's development"

"I have attended Montessori discipline course which helped me a lot to understand my child , to respond in challenging situations and even prevent them. Also Carine has supported us to improve our house and make it more child centred in order to help my son's independence. I highly recommend her."

Anthea S.

"I have taken Carine’s Montesssori discipline course and I thought it was so useful. 

The info has been really good"

"Having the background knowledge that supports the theory as well as practical tips was invaluable. I loved it so much I’m booked onto the parenting course next! I feel as though I will be able to use a lot of the advice and tools as my son gets older but it’s definitely good to start using them now so I can practice!" 

Freyja C.

"I Really enjoyed the course"

"Although couldn't do most of the lives, and still catching up. Love the insights from you and other parents interested in Montessori methods in particular."

Rebecca B.

"Thank you Carine this course has been very informative for both me and my husband"

"we’ve learnt a lot from it and helped us change our parenting ways and also how to tackle the toddler scenarios etc, your pdfs are great I’ve got them all printed out."

Sir Kumari G.

"It has helped me a lot especially the part about playful parenting"

Antonia S.

"I have really enjoyed both courses and have found it reassuring to hear other people’s experiences!"

Alexa M.

"I have participated in both the Discipline & Parenting courses and highly recommend both"

"I love Carine’s ability to help you focus on the things that actually impact on your parenting. I feel empowered as a parent and grateful to be a member of the wonderful community in her groups."

Claire.S, UK

"Fantastic Montessori and Gentle Discipline courses"

"Clearly delivered, lots of guidance and fantastic support in both the private and general Facebook groups. Highly recommended!"

Christine.D, Germany

"Carine has been such a great support on our Montessori journey"

"I didn’t know much when I first started but having completed both the parenting & discipline course found both the handouts and live sessions extremely helpful, informative & easy to understand. Carine is extremely responsive and will always answer your questions. The sessions are also great for a group support for like minded parents on a similar journey too. Would definitely recommend!"

Laura H, UK

Start the Gentle Sleep Course today.

Get access to the course and join our tribe of like-minded, non-judgmental parents.

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