Fun games with the 3 parts cards

Lesson 7

Although it's not the intended aim of the traditional Montessori 3 parts cards, they can be used in various fun ways. 

Happy family game

Play a version of the Happy Family game. The object of the game is to collect as many families as possible.

You can do that when the 3 parts cards come with a few categories. For example, when we did the bird box, we included 5 habitats. 

Here how to play:

Pick 4 cards from each habitat. Deal out all the cards so that every player gets an equal number of cards.
All cards are dealt as equally as possible. Usually, the player on the dealer’s left starts the play by asking another player for a certain card.
The player must already have one family card. If the other player does not have the card, it is his turn to ask. If he has the card, he has to pass it to the first player. It is still the first player’s turn. As the player forms a set of 4 - he places them in front of him. The player grouping all his cards wins the play.

Check in the video below.

Memory game (video above):

With the cards upside down, play the traditional matching/memory game. Obviously your child will figure out quickly that he has to match one small card (picture only) with one big card (control card).

Sequence Memory game:

A variation of the memory game would be to line up 3 cards in a specific order. For example, line up 3 pictures: cat, dog, cow. Turn them around and your child has to replicate the sequence. Add an extra card for as long as your child is interested. With children who can read "confidently", you line up the picture or control cards in a sequence, turn them over and your child has to line up the "labels". Or you line up the labels and they have to line up the pictures (so they have to read your sequence in order to reproduce it with the pictures).

Guessing game:

Have between 3 to 5 cards in front of your child. (more as he gets more familiar with the game). Make sure he knows what each card is. 

Headband game

If you have the proper headband from the headbandz game, use them. Place a picture, without looking at it, on your headband.

When it’s your turn, ask each of the players a question that will help you figure out what the picture is on your head.  

Once you’ve asked each player a question, simply begin another round and then another.

Players are not allowed to ask, “What am I?”.  

See how we played it with the birds cards.

3 parts cards as decoration/inspiration:

You can add some 3 parts cards on your nature's table. Have an area in your house to collect nature's items, with a seasonal book, a magnifying glass and/or a microscope. It's nice to have it next to a window to encourage looking at the garden. This is of course a way to introduce nature in the house but going out is the best thing!

For example, have some birds cards on your nature's table to recognise the birds who comes in your house. Have the Seasons 3 parts cards that corresponds to the current season. Have the Weather 3 parts cards and ask your child to pick the one that corresponds to today's weather... 

What about using the 3 cards as an inspiration to draw? 

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