Cooking activities

I will share pictures from the my children childhood now and again. Here is my daughter at age 3 and a half.  At that time she was helping a lot with all the culinary activities!

Here she used an apple slicer.

And helped me to bake an apple cake.
She used a vegetable peeler easy to use by a child and now she always wants to be the one who peels the vegetables.
She helped me cook most nights now when she was 3!

Practical life activities are also about being able to take care of themselves so dressing up is an important activity too.

Here the buttons frame.
Zip frames.
Snap fastener.
Leather bell. This one is very hard and she doesn’t master it yet!

Some dressings frames are on sale on Amazon:

To encourage her to cook more with me, I offered her a apron and hat. She loves them and runs to put them on when I ask her to help me.
This grater comes from Ikea and it’s very easy to use by a child. 

Here a nice baking set:

About the Author Carine Robin

Carine Robin is a a mother of 2 children. She raises them the Montessori way. Originally from Belgium where she worked as a child psychologist for several years, Carine spent 6 years in Ireland before settling in in the UK. She qualified as a Montessori teacher 10 years ago and has since worked as Montessori teacher and preschool manager. She founded Montessori-family in 2011 to provide opportunities for parents to discover Montessori. She believes that it’s truly possible to implement the Montessori ideas at home to make your house and family life welcoming to your child, her needs and her thrive for independence. She offers parents & babies classes, toddlers playgroups; Montessori home designs, one to one support, parenting classes and online courses.