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What is the Pikler triangle & is it Montessori?

The Pikler triangle is commonly associated with the Montessori education. In this blog post, I will answer the following questions: What is it? Is it in ligne with Montessori? Do you need it? And where

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Where to find a Montessori learning tower?

A learning tower or kitchen helper is often recommended to parents who are interested in Montessori.Montessori is all about supporting the child's independence. A kitchen helper will help your child to

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Where to find a Montessori Floor bed?

As Montessori is all about giving as much independence to your child, an accessible bed is a must in any Montessori inspired bedroom.In my house, I used a single mattress on a slatted base. It was a simple

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Where to find front-facing Montessori bookshelves?

Front-facing bookshelves seem to be a feature of every Montessori-inspired home. But why are they so important?Children care more about the cover of a book than the spine. Think about it: young children

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Where to find Free Montessori printable documents?

3-part cards, also known as classified pictures or nomenclature, are a staple in the Montessori classroom.For a new teacher or an eager parent, finding or making these cards can be time-consuming and overwhelming.If

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where to buy Montessori toys and Montessori material in the UK?

Families working with me constantly ask me where to buy Montessori materials and toys in the UK.Every single week in my classes, parents ask me "where did you buy that toy?" and "where can I find that

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