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Montessori at home UK – Ultimate list of resources.

If you browse Instagram or do a Google search, chances are that you will come across many US links and accounts. The UK might be smaller but we are mighty! And Montessori is more and more accessible

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10 Montessori Principles for parents

How Montessori is relevant to parents?⁠⠀⁠⠀Montessori was first a "method of education". Although Maria Montessori didn't want to call her observations a method per se. For her, she had only uncovered

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Best Montessori Youtube channels

YouTube can be an amazing learning tool. Like all Social Media Channels, we can find all kind of accounts.I encourage you to follow other "families" for inspiration but remember to observe  your child,

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Must watch Montessori Documentaries for parents and teachers

Let me share some amazing Montessori movies and interesting educational/parenting documentaries with you. With so many streaming platforms to choose from, parents and teachers have better access to

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Best Montessori TED Talks

The more we see Montessori in the news, the better it is!Some of the Montessori ideas, revolutionary in her time, are now common sense in every single school. Did you know that there were no child-size

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Babyled weaning & Montessori

Weaning the Montessori way:When the weaning process has started, when the child can sit and enjoys sitting at the weaning table, the child and his parents develop a new relationship. The child is not fed

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Montessori Unit Study: all about Dandelions

With dandelions in abundance around us, it seems fitted to explore this wonderful plant!Let's not call it a weed, shall we?Dandelion is one of the first flower to appear in Spring and can flower until

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Montessori inspired Apple topic: a challenging Puzzle and how I present it

We have just purchased this multi-layered puzzle from Beleduc.This depict a growing apple from the sprout to the apple being cut on the table.There are 4 layers and one picture at the bottom of the puzzle

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Potty training or Toilet learning the Montessori way

Is your child ready to potty train? Are you wondering how to start, when to start and basically what to do?Read below or watch the video: (don't forget to download your step by step Montessori

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