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Montessori Dinosaur unit: 15+ activities to try

Join me on a fun-filled adventure back to the time of dinosaurs with some exciting Montessori activities for our little explorers. From captivating books that open the doors to the past, to playful games

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10 Best Montessori activities for toddlers

Toddlers are a bundle of energy, constantly exploring and keen to engage in various activities. However, navigating the Montessori principles for the youngest age group can be challenging. While classic

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The UK Nugget alternatives – round-up of Play sofas!

The Montessori community has been raving about the Nugget Play couch for years, and now, UK-based parents have a plethora of options to choose from. One such option is the Little Imagineers Play sofa,

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Make Your Kitchen Montessori-Friendly: A Guide for Parents

Transforming your kitchen into a Montessori-friendly environment is a wonderful way to create a space that is both fun and educational for your children. Since children love to be near their parents, an

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Refreshing Playtime: A Montessori Approach to Toy Rotation

Today, let's chat about something not explicitly covered by Maria Montessori but widely recommended by Montessori educators: toy rotation. Why is this important, you ask?No matter where you are on your

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Montessori Friendly Safari kids books

Dive into the wonders of the African Savannah with our current Montessori box, specially designed to bring the thrill of safari animals right into your home! To complement the exciting activities in the

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How to get your partner and family on board with Montessori Parenting

Raising children with Montessori principles can be an incredibly rewarding journey, but it's not always easy to get your partner and extended family on the same page. If you've been eager to embrace Montessori

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Montessori ideas for a mini-beast study

Spring is a great time to introduce a mini-beast topic. With insects and other bugs in abundance, it’s the perfect opportunity for your child to develop their naturalist skills.Introduction to Insect

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10 Montessori books about birds

Our Montessori box this month is all about birds!Very young children are fascinated by birds, as they are so easy to spot in their everyday life.Here are 10 of my favourite books about birds.Note that

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