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Is the Grimm’s Rainbow in line with Montessori?

Do you like the Grimm's rainbow?Grimm's brand toy is super popular among families. Somehow, in the recent years, it has been associated with Montessori. You can spot the Grimm's rainbow on most Montessori

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Montessori Friendly Gifts for older children

The majority of my readers have children under the age of 6.My own children are now 7 and nearly 12. And some of you have requested ideas for older children so here are some suggestions.Those gifts are

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Gifts for the child who goes to a Montessori school

Many parents with children in Montessori schools consider purchasing Montessori materials for holiday or birthday gifts.  ​Often, parents are surprised that Montessori teachers don't recommend to

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Montessori Friendly toy’s list for toddlers

This blog post has been requested so many times!So I am sharing with you the most popular toys in my playgroup or those that were well used by my children.I have a list of baby toys here.This one will

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Montessori Friendly Toy review – Plan Toy Lacing sheep

Last year, I ran a few competitions on my Facebook group and I offered this toy to one lucky member. I like it so much that I bought a new one for my playgroup.CLICK HERE to join our community of 13 000

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Montessori Friendly Easter gift ideas

Links have been updated for Easter 2020!Here are some last minute ideas for your Easter basket.In our secular family, we tend to focus on Spring and we avoid references to Easter Bunny.But we still love

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Montessori stocking fillers

 A member of my Montessori FB group asked recently for ideas of gifts under £10.If stocking stuffers or fillers is a tradition in your family, here are some Montessori inspired gifts for under £10.

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The best Montessori inspired Non toys gifts list

In order to inspire you this Christmas, I have written a series of blog posts featuring my favourites toys and gifts.Last week, I shared my favourite Montessori gifts for babies.This week, we will focus

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Montessori Parenting: Do I need to encourage my child to pretend play?

Montessori parenting: Do I need to encourage pretend play?Montessori is well-known to encourage children to have real experience and to participate in the daily activities, such as cooking, taking care

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