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Montessori Unit Study: all about Dandelions

With dandelions in abundance around us, it seems fitted to explore this wonderful plant!Let's not call it a weed, shall we?Dandelion is one of the first flower to appear in Spring and can flower until

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Montessori-inspired Easter Activities

Here are some Montessori inspired activities that would be perfect for Spring and Easter. Order your Montessori Easter box!Spring and Easter are coming! With 2 weeks of half-term, let's enjoy some Montessori

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Spring foam window decorations

Here is a non messy, reusable and open-ended activity for your little ones.What you need:– craft foam sheets– scissors– water and paintbrush– a window or the bath tube!What to do:Cut

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8 Easy Flower crafts for your toddler and preschooler

As it’s nearly Spring, here 8 super easy flower crafts to do with your toddler and preschooler. They require very little preparation and you probably have everything you need in your house right

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Spring Montessori books

I have updated our collection since I have first published this post and there are so many more Spring books that I want to recommend. In the first section of the blog post are the new books I recommend.

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Spring Montessori activities

I like to vary the activities I provide in the Montessori playgroup. This half-term, I will present many Spring inspired activities.So here our new trays:– sorting flowers by colour: the flowers

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