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A Montessori inspired Gifts list for Babies

As Christmas is fast approaching, I want to share with you a new series about Gifts.This week, I will focus on Gifts and Toys for babies. Let’s not forget what you need as parents. Ultimate Montessori

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Montessori in the Kitchen: 5 healthy snacks that your kids can do on their own

Today, I’m sharing 5 healthy snacks that your children can do, without any adult’s help.As long as they already master each step and that they have access to all the ingredients, your children

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How to teach your child to draw

Do you know how to teach your child to draw?When my children were toddlers and preschoolers, Art consisted mainly of letting them experimenting with art material. Process art was the way to go and still

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An interview with Ananda Montessori

This week, I present you Ananda Montessori, a wonderful place for parents led by Pamela Green. I discovered Pamela when she started to set up a permanent space for her parents and children Montessori classes.

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My favourite Montessori blogs written by Moms

I am currently very selective when it comes to read other blogs.Mainly because I don’t have much time and I try to “reduce” my time on screen.I have a few favourite and those blogs have

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