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Montessori aligned Potty training books for children

The weather is beautiful here in the UK and it seems that every parent has decided to potty train their child!I have a blog post with plenty of info about how to develop toilet awareness in your child. And

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Best Montessori & parenting podcasts

Do you listen to podcast?I have to admit, I don't. You see, I am a visual learner. So I need a written support such as a book or the course transcript to look at. Or I need to watch a video. I am not a

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Montessori Friendly Gifts for older children

The majority of my readers have children under the age of 6.My own children are now 7 and nearly 12. And some of you have requested ideas for older children so here are some suggestions.Those gifts are

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Montessori friendly advent calendars

Do you use an advent calendar in your house?For the last 3 years, we have done an activity advent calendar.I bought a fabric advent calendar, I believe from Lidl. And I made some activity cards that I

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Montessori inspired Apple topic: a challenging Puzzle and how I present it

We have just purchased this multi-layered puzzle from Beleduc.This depict a growing apple from the sprout to the apple being cut on the table.There are 4 layers and one picture at the bottom of the puzzle

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Why Montessori schools teach cursive writing?

Why Montessori schools teach cursiveMontessori schools teach cursive writing whereas most mainstream schools do not consistently do this. So today, I am going to take a look at the benefits of teaching

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Massage for children – a weather story and other resources!

Do you remember attending a baby massage class with your little one?With older children, once they are weaned and potty trained. we might feel that they don't want to be touch anymore but many studies

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Favourite weather books for kids

This month, the Montessori box was all about the weather.In my home, we have been exploring the weather with my own children.As a Montessori teacher, I have to admit that I have collected a huge amount

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Can you talk your child’s love language?

Today I want to chat with you about LOVE!I'm reading this book "The 5 Love languages of children" by Gary Chapman. The content has totally reframed the way I show my love to my children, especially to

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