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Montessori toddlers groups in the UK

Do you have a toddler or a baby? Would you like to join a community of like-minded parents and be guided by a Montessori teacher? So join one of the Montessori infant class in your area.Prior to the pandemic,

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20 Montessori-friendly children books about love

This curated collection of picture books features how to say I love you, how to show our love and books about what and how our heart feels. You can read about love, kindness, hugs and kisses any time

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Montessori friendly movies for children

Although I am more to encourage you to avoid screen time for children under 6, most families will allow a bit of screen time here and there.For the last 2 years, we had to use screen time to connect with

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Yoto – a great addition to your Montessori home

Although I am not a big fan of electronic gadget, Yoto is a great addition to our Montessori home. I was gifted a Yoto player in exchange of an honest review and it has been in use most days since

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New Montessori picture book: Little Montessori me collection

I've been sent the latest book in the "The Little Montessori Me Picture book" series. I have reviewed the first book in a previous article.  The new one is about self-care and we follow a little

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Childhood Potential Montessori conference

There is an amazing online event coming up!The Childhood Potential conference is back for the third time with 48 speakers from around the world! I'm looking forward to listen to Aubrey Hargis, Jasmine

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Montessori friendly books – Apple topic

This September, the Montessori family box is all about the Apples. Let me recommend you 10 Montessori friendly books about apples.  Discover the Montessori boxAre you looking for Montessori activities

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Montessori friendly books about Seasons

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favourite Montessori friendly seasons books.I like to have some specific seasonal books at the beginning of each season and some general season books all year around. You

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Where to find: Montessori high-chairs

As much as I like the weaning table and child-size chairs, I have always used a high-chair for both my children.I was lucky to be introduced to the Stokke trip-trap highchair from the onset. I scored one

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