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Some Montessori Inspired Halloween activities

Do you celebrate Halloween?Since I lived in Ireland for a few years, we became big fan of Halloween! This is my daughter's first Halloween costume! She was nearly 1 year old!However when my children were

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A Montessori inspired Autumn unit with free printables

It’s September! Time to dive into Autumn and to explore the wonders of my favourite season.Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday season but since I was a little girl, I have loved Autumn

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Where to find Free Montessori printable documents?

3 parts cards also called classified pictures or nomenclature are a staple in the Montessori classroom.For a new teacher or an eager parent, finding or making those cards can be time consuming and overwhelming.If

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Montessori Christmas activities & free printables

Are you ready for Christmas?Subscribe to my newsletter and receive my Christmas printables! Sign Up Are you ready for Christmas? We

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Activity advent calendar – Free printable

This year, I have made the commitment to have a Simple Christmas time, at home with my husband and children.For the past 10 years, we have been travelling back to our families or we have welcome guests

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How to make your own free Montessori printable documents

When you start to be interested by the Montessori education, you will come across many Montessori printables of all kind on the Internet.During my training (aimed at the education of children 3 to 6 years

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