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Montessori ideas: Start with Practical life!

Have you been told, "Start with Practical life"? So what do we mean by practical life?⁠What is Practical life?⁠It's just a fancy way to say "involve your children" in your daily tasks.Practical life

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Montessori Activity: setting up the table – placemat review

In our family, we eat every day at the table as a family. Setting up the table is part of the activities that my children have been doing since they were very little.As toddlers, they would bring their

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Montessori in the kitchen – 40 ideas for toddlers

What activities can your child do in the kitchen?You may have observed that your little one is keen to participate when you are cooking or preparing food. But what can they do to help?My children have

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Best Montessori children’s knives.

“Never help a child at a task he feels he can succeed”Maria Montessori.To help a child become independent, we must provide them with the right tools. This is even more true for practical life

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