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Supporting children through change – Montessori Parenting

Back in March, Eloise Rickman from Frida Be mighty, asked  me to write a piece for her parenting book "Extraordinary parenting".We are now in December and we are still fighting a pandemic. As parents,

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8 calming and breathing activities for children

Many parents want their children to “calm down” and to “breathe” when they have a tantrum.But first children need to practise breathing when they are happy and relaxed to be able to use those

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KonMari and Montessori

I have another confession to make. First, when I started my #montessorihousechallenge, I was very focused on my children’s belongings, their tidy up habits, their independence skills. You see,

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Positive songs for children

In addition of being a Montessori teacher, I have recently qualified as a Yoga teacher for children. In the yoga children classes, I use lots of music. I started to be very careful choosing positives songs

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