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Montessori Parenting: 13 tips to reduce and manage screen time

In the series of posts about “Simplicity Parenting”, here is how to reduce your child’s screen time.Many parents are more and more aware of the dangers of over-exposure to screen time.In our

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10 things I didn’t do with Montessori

Montessori at home, Montessori as a parent is not a follow step by step process or a do it all or nothing.Often, parents tell me “I’m not fully Montessori”, or I didn’t do this

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Recommended Montessori books for parents

Here are the recommended books to start with the Montessori education.I read all those books and they are all very helpful for parents with children under 6.How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori

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8 tips to simplify your Montessori and Parenting Social Media search

Are you overwhelmed by Social Media?Does it influence the way you parent your children? Did you discover Montessori on a Facebook group? Or on Pinterest? Or through a Montessori blog or Instagram pictures?

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How I have used Simplicity Parenting with Montessori?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feed that life has become suddenly so complicated now that you have children? Do you live in a big city when there is always some place to go, someone to meet, or more

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Settle your child into nursery and how to handle the separation anxiety

As a Montessori teacher, I helped parents and children during the time of settling in a new nursery. When I give baby and toddler classes, it’s one of the main questions and worries: how to help my child

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How to start with Montessori?

Watch this video: 6 tips to start Montessori at home: Intro 0:14Tip 1: Observe your child 0:54Tip 2: Organise your house 1:54Tip 3: Learn about the child's development stages 2:38Tip 4: Use what you

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A Montessori Birthday ceremony

What is the birthday Montessori ceremony? The passage of time is an important concept for the children to understand. With each birthday, children start to have an understanding that they are growing older

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How to choose a Montessori nursery?

If you are interested by the Montessori principles, having discovered them for your baby or toddler at home, you might now consider the possibility to send your child to a Montessori school. I will discuss

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