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How to nurture your child’s sense of wonder

My children are now fully in the second plane. I have been thinking recently about how to maintain our Montessori lifestyle as a family. In the Early years, I was very focused on Practical life and preparing

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Are you Montessori enough?

 I have noticed a recurrent topic in the Montessori Facebook group. Many of you shared about "not being 100% Montessori" or start a post with an apology "I know it's not Montessori but...". I'm

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How to use tantrums to connect with your child

If you have a child between 1 to 5 years of age, I’m pretty sure you’re facing epic tantrums.Let’s first define what a tantrum is: a tantrum is an outburst of emotions.Young children have very immature

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How to foster your child’s independence?

Today I want to talk about Independence.We all want our child to become independent. But what do we mean by independence?Many parents come to Montessori because their child want to do something by himself.Others

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Why I discipline my children?

 Today, I would like to talk about discipline.As a reader of this Montessori blog, I assume that you want to respect your child.Discipline may sound old fashion. You may think that discipline means punishment,

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Helping your child with nightmares

Is your child having nightmares?​A few weeks ago, one of my clients reached to me for support. Her child had been exposed to a toy that scared him. The toy gave him nightmares.A google search on how

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Books for the child who is afraid of the dark

The fear of the dark is a common one among children. When your toddler becomes more aware of his surroundings, he may start being anxious about sleeping in a dark room and so bedtime can become challenging.Darkness

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How to enjoy motherhood now!

Today, I want to talk about Joy in motherhood. I want to talk about to find your joy, how to find fulfillment on your Parenting journey. And also about how to start a therapeutic process if you need

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How to choose a Montessori childminder

I had the pleasure to chat with Sonia Quinn from the ​Red Door Montessori ChildcareI interviewed her for the Montessori Parenting conference. She is a Montessori teacher and used to own a Montessori

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