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Don’t do those 3 Montessori mistakes!

3 Common mistakes parents make when implementing MontessoriIf you are new to Montessori, you might be doing those “mistakes”.Montessori has become very popular and has become synonymous with many trends

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My biggest Montessori learning curve

What is your biggest Montessori learning curve?Why do we start Montessori and what do we learn along the way...⁠⁠⁠I don't think there are any wrong reasons to start applying Montessori at home. We

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Montessori tips: How to talk about environmental concerns to your child?

How to talk about environmental concerns to your children?⁠As a Montessori teacher & child psychologist, I am very cautious about how to talk about difficult events to young children.⁠Generally,

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You can be a Montessori family and you can still…

You can be a Montessori Family and still- allow some screen time: it's all about the balance, and try to keep the screen time as a moment of interaction and connection, a time when you stay close or give

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Montessori concept: What “follow the child” means

You might be familiar with the saying "follow the child". What did Maria Montessori meant when she was encouraging teachers and parents to follow their child?The below picture is a funny one but it is

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Montessori ideas about sleep

The way our babies and toddlers sleep is something that intrigues most parents. We wonder when our baby will sleep through the night. We wonder if we have to train our children to sleep independently.

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Reading Parenting books vs practicing what we read!

Reading parenting books vs Practicing what we read!⁠⁠I'm a parenting books junkie! I've been reading books about child's development and parenting since forever! Even as a teenager, I was reading my

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Can we do Montessori at home if our child does not go to a Montessori school?

Children are back to school. You may wonder how to keep up with the Montessori approach If they are not going to Montessori school.Here in the UK, we do not have so many Montessori schools for children

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Montessori is not only for rich people!

Montessori is not only for the rich!If I had a penny for every time I was told that, I would be rich!In the past, Montessori was limited to a style of education, to private school and expensive trainings.

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