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Montessori ideas about sleep

The way our babies and toddlers sleep is something that intrigues most parents. We wonder when our baby will sleep through the night. We wonder if we have to train our children to sleep independently.

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Reading Parenting books vs practicing what we read!

Reading parenting books vs Practicing what we read!⁠⁠I'm a parenting books junkie! I've been reading books about child's development and parenting since forever! Even as a teenager, I was reading my

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Can we do Montessori at home if our child does not go to a Montessori school?

Children are back to school. You may wonder how to keep up with the Montessori approach If they are not going to Montessori school.Here in the UK, we do not have so many Montessori schools for children

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Montessori is not only for rich people!

Montessori is not only for the rich!If I had a penny for every time I was told that, I would be rich!In the past, Montessori was limited to a style of education, to private school and expensive trainings.

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War, Weapon, Superhero Play and Montessori

Today I'm delighted to welcome Leanne Ridgeway for a guest post about Superhero play. It's a topic I wanted to learn more about. I have a son who is deeply into "super heroes". He loves to play "fighting"

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Supporting children through change – Montessori Parenting

Back in March, Eloise Rickman from Frida Be mighty, asked  me to write a piece for her parenting book "Extraordinary parenting".We are now in December and we are still fighting a pandemic. As parents,

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Montessori gifts that are more important than toys

I am writing this blog post as a reminder of what is important. In the middle of the gift season, we might forget about the non-material aspect of parenting and go into a frantic mode, spending on

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10 Montessori Principles for parents

How Montessori is relevant to parents?⁠⠀⁠⠀Montessori was first a "method of education". Although Maria Montessori didn't want to call her observations a method per se. For her, she had only uncovered

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I say No to the Montessori shelfie

Why I say No to the Montessori shelfie, aka taking a picture for your Social Media of what is your Montessori shelf. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Carine - Montessori

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