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Montessori Parenting: What to say instead of “Say sorry”

Do you find yourself asking your child to say "Sorry" if they have done something wrong, such as hurting another child or break something?It's easy for a child to parrot "sorry" when you ask them. They

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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applied to Montessori

What is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? It is a theory of motivation, proposed in 1943, which states that five categories of human needs dictate an individual's behavior. We have to fulfill our basic needs,

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Montessori Gifts for parents!

Do you offer yourself a gift? For your birthday or Christmas? Do you ask your other half, your family to pick a gift from a well-chosen list?Or are you like me, prioritizing your children, your partner,

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A Montessori approach to clean-up time!

We know that Montessori is all about order. We know that children have a sense of order. The Montessori classroom is an orderly environment where every activity has its place. Montessori teachers

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Don’t do those 3 Montessori mistakes!

3 Common mistakes parents make when implementing MontessoriIf you are new to Montessori, you might be doing those “mistakes”.Montessori has become very popular and has become synonymous with many trends

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My biggest Montessori learning curve

What is your biggest Montessori learning curve?Why do we start Montessori and what do we learn along the way...⁠⁠⁠I don't think there are any wrong reasons to start applying Montessori at home. We

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Montessori tips: How to talk about environmental concerns to your child?

How to talk about environmental concerns to your children?⁠As a Montessori teacher & child psychologist, I am very cautious about how to talk about difficult events to young children.⁠Generally,

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You can be a Montessori family and you can still…

You can be a Montessori Family and still- allow some screen time: it's all about the balance, and try to keep the screen time as a moment of interaction and connection, a time when you stay close or give

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Montessori concept: What “follow the child” means

You might be familiar with the saying "follow the child". What did Maria Montessori meant when she was encouraging teachers and parents to follow their child?The below picture is a funny one but it is

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