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8 ways to make your home Montessori friendly today!

Recently, I have joined a collaboration on Instagram about how to "make do" Montessori on a budget or even without spending money.Nowadays, Montessori at home is often associated with wooden toys and expensive

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Characteristics of a Montessori home vs a classroom

Maria Montessori made her classroom look and feel like a home.When you apply Montessori at home, you don't have to recreate a classroom so what are the characteristics of a Montessori home versus a Montessori

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Where to find front-facing Montessori bookshelves?

Front-facing bookshelves seem to be a feature of every Montessori-inspired home. But why are they so important?Children care more about the cover of a book than the spine. Think about it: young children

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5 tips to make your Montessori Home beautiful

For twenty six weeks, every Monday, I will share with you a specific Montessori idea or concept, from A to Z. I share your MontessoriAbc on Instagram as well. Check here what every other Montessori accounts

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What is a Montessori Prepared environment

The term "prepared environment" is one of those terms that is clearly associated with Montessori education.What does it mean exactly?First, the environment was the classroom:When we speak of 'environment'

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Montessori Snack preparation

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