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Montessori favourites at IKEA 2021

Ikea is well-known for being a favourite shop to source Montessori friendly furniture and products. They update their catalogue at least once a year. Here are my 21 picks for a Montessori home:

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Montessori favourites at Ikea – 2020

Ikea is one of my favourite shops. If you were coming to my house, you would say that we live in an Ikea show-room.In another blog post, I gave you a video tour of Ikea to show you what is Montessori friendly.Today's

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Ultimate Ikea shopping list for your Montessori needs

What to buy that is Montessori Friendly at Ikea?In my Facebook group, not a week goes by without a post about Montessori-friendly items at Ikea.Ikea is sure family-friendly. It is also budget-friendly

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